Welcome to the Earth Song Ranch on-line store. Here you will find products to enhance the health of your horses, cats and dogs naturally. We are passionate about natural helath for you and your animals! We also sell other people's products we believe in as well as the ones we blend and manufacturer. Because we are a small business and we do not believe on letting product sit on a shelf until ordered, we blend fresh with each order. We take a business day or two to process orders, a day or two to blend, then packaging, which can take another business day or two, then we ship them out. The herbal blends are done here on our ranch; we typically blend and package the herbal products on weekends, and we try to ship orders out within a weeks time after processing, then you have 3-5 days of shipping. We wish we could do it faster but we would have to charge a lot more for our products and have always wanted to keep them afforadable! We are closed at noon on Friday, weekends and holidays. We do take the 4 days for Thanksgiving and a few at Christmas as well. If you order on a Friday afternoon, or a weekend or holiday, it will take a bit longer.
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