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Our Natural Supplements are Hand Blended & Packed Fresh the Day they Ship

Earth Song Ranch has been designing and manufacturing natural horse supplements since 1998 - along with dog and cat and now miniature horse products too. Our probiotic, digestive enzymes, herbal mixes, herbal wormers, and herbal blends for cushings, ulcers, and EPM support are hand blended and packaged fresh the day they are shipped - not many companies can say that!

When you buy a foil bag or pail of our product (or the other manufacturer's products you'll find here), you are guaranteed a pure, fresh, nutrient-rich product, that is not pre-packaged and does not sit on warehouse or store shelves where it loses potency. In fact, if you select one of our herbal blends (some cut and sifted herbs - some powdered) it is like getting a custom blend because the cut and sifted blends are mostly wild crafted and the powdered herbs are blended with yeast, yeast cultures, & MOS, with a little rice bran the day it ships. It may take a bit longer to get your order, but it is worth it.

Our natural, nutrient-rich blends are made in the USA - and contain no unnecessary fillers, artificial, GMO, or other non-essential ingredients. Read more about us and our mission & vision.
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Customer Favorites

Happy Horse Meadow Mix - Herbal treat for horses on limited grazing

Happy Horse Meadow Mix

Great for Horses on Limited Grazing in Spring / Summer
All natural Herbal Wormer for Horses from Earth Song Ranch

Herbal Horse Wormer

All Natural Herbal Alternative to Chemical Wormers

Professional Recommendation

Kevin M. Fenton, DVM

"I have known Jessica since 2013 and consider her both a friend and a professional colleague. I was immediately touched by her empathy for the creatures of this world and the 2 leggeds that are attached to them. She has enlightened me multiple times on health issues and ways to improve the quality of life in the creatures we care for. I consider her an asset to my veterinary practice and benefit greatly from her knowledge and acumen. She is a true asset to the animal world and brings health to those she touches..."

Kevin M. Fenton, DVM

Happy Customer Testimonials

Jessica Lynn at Earth Song Ranch - you're my miracle worker!! Sunny, diagnosed with Cushing's one year ago, had 10 times the normal ACTH level (293) and had every Cushing's symptom. Today his blood work came back at 27. (35 is high normal). He is now completely normal and can no longer be diagnosed with Cushing's. His fat deposits are all gone, his hair is growing back at a normal length, he is bright, vibrant, happy and loving life again... I will continue to use the Earth Song Ranch products, that have been so effective: the Cushing's Support Kit herbs, the probiotics, the enzymes, and will continue to provide him with a more natural feeding program. My hope is that Sunny can continue to live out a healthy and long life. I have owned Sunny for 22 years and I am eternally indebted to Jessica Lynn at Earth Song Ranch for her help and her advice.

Louisa Barton, Host of Fox's The Horse Talk Show
"Jessica has an incredible ability to help problem solve with horses unlike anyone I have ever met. Her products have helped my horses across the board from my old retired horses to my top Eventing Partner Chatwin, we came in 4th in the World in Eventing in Germany this summer! I would recommend Jessica to everyone and anyone who would like advice or help with their horses!" (Frankie's horses love Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme Plus and our homeopathic remedies. Her horse, Chatwin, is also on Lean Muscle while he competes. Note this link takes you to another site).

Frankie Thieriot Stutes - Top US Eventing Association Adult Amateur for 2018, Recipient of the Amateur Impact Award from the Eventing Riders Association of North America, and the only amateur rider named to the USEF’s 2019 Development Pre-Elite Training List

"I've been ordering Tummy Tamer and Equine Zyme for the last year and a half from you. My mare I bought it for was diagnosed with Grade 4 Ulcers even after months of following a strict Regimen from the vet using Ulcer Guard (Omeprozole). I'm happy to say she is now Ulcer Free! I have before and after pictures from when she got scoped if you would like to see them. I have a pretty big following on this mare "Maisey" due to her being a top competitor in barrel racing. I've gotten 30+ messages on how I healed her and even getting phone calls from vets. Just wanted to share our success story! Thank you for providing such great supplements! I'm exciting to get her back winning again. Your supplements (herbs) have been a game changer for my program and I even have been using it for preventative purposes."

Karlee & Maisey

"If it wasn’t for Earth Song Ranch, I would not have a happy mare. The journey started when Ena, my 6 year old SWB mare developed ulcers every Spring for 3 years. I would go through the standard protocol-scoping, treatment, scoping-only for them to return. At wits end, Jessica’s name was given to me and the rest is history. Earth Song Ranch knew exactly what she needed and put her on Equine-Zyme Plus, Tummy Tamer, CA-MG Buffer and natural whole grain feed. It wasn’t long before she was free of ulcers and back to her happy self, no more scopes needed. Other products I use are nosodes (no shots Spring or Fall), the Natural Herbal Wormer (parasite free for 3 years now) and ImmuBiome (mushrooms) for Lean Muscle and Joint Recovery. We are now second level and training third in Dressage. Thank You Jessica and Earth Song Ranch."

Suzanne G & Ena

The Earth Song Ranch Team - Dedicated to Natural Health

Passionate about safe, natural and non-drug animal health, Earth Song Ranch formed a team of progressive, holistic thinking veterinarians, herbologists, a microbiologist and other animal health professionals to help us create the Earth Song Ranch line of immune supporting and boosting products. The Earth Song Ranch team was also the original designer of the Smooth Run herbal product line in 2001.

We had a vision of bringing natural health products to the market for horses, cats and dogs - then added a dose of our passion and inspiration - coupled with our life-long love and ownership of horses, cats and dogs. We took a deeper look at what health challenges our customers were experiencing with their animals, especially the horses - including mini horses - and began our quest for searching out what solutions nature had to offer.

Using herbs, natural immune boosting ingredients, and no drugs or chemicals, Earth Song Ranch was able to combine various essential ingredients to create products that work consistently and improve the health of your animals - be it horses, cats or dogs. The rest is history.

Jessica Lynn, Earth Song Ranch owner, is a life-long equestrian and professional animal nutritionist. Natural Health is her passion and her work. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Equine Digestion & Nutrition Course.

Because she has owned horses much of her life she totally understands an owner's dedication to their horses as well as their desire to ensure top-quality care for them, and that is whom she has always designed her products for.

Natural Cushings/IR/Metabolic Support - Herbal Blends & Consults

With so many of our clients' horses showing signs of metabolic issues, including Pre-Cushing's / Cushing's / Insulin Resistance (IR) - including the cresty necks and long hair coats that do not shed - we developed a cost-effective blend of herbs to support their specific needs.

The herbs selected for our Cushing's/Metabolic/IR blend are ones that can help to regulate and balance hormonal cycles, promote blood sugar metabolism and support liver and pancreatic health, all the while strengthening the immune system.

We've had such success with these natural formulas that we now offer our Sunny's Cushings Support Kit, which includes our recommended natural herbal products and Equine-Zyme - along with feeding and diet recommendations + FREE SHIPPING. The synergistic effect of all four products has produced great results time and time again over the last 10 years.
Natural Herbal Support for Equine Cushing's in a Cost-Saving Kit

Sunny's Cushings Support Kit

A Cost Effective, Natural Herbal Alternative.

Developed with a holistic veterinarain, Sunny's Kit is a more natural approach to helping horses, suspected to have, or that do have,  Cushing's.

See also our Cushing's Disease FAQs.
Earth Song Ranch's Jessica Lynn is a Frequest Contributor on Fox's The Horse Talk Show with Louisa Barton
Earth Song Ranch on The Horse Talk Show - Holistic Treatments for Cushings or PPID

Listen to Sunny's Story

Read (or listen to) how the Cushing's Support Kit helped Sunny, a Florida horse owned by Fox's The Horse Talk Show Host and Executive Producer Louisa Barton, reduce his ACTH levels from 293 to 27 in under four months. 

We are also happy to do diet and nutritional consulting for those of you looking to prevent Cushing's /IR/ Metabolic disorders from developing. See our consultation options.

Restoring Digestive Health - Natural Probiotic Blends

Primary among equine issues, digestive disorders give rise to a myriad of other complications, also compromising the immune system, causing some colics or lack of assimilation of nutrients and vitamins, which can lead to hoof issues and laminitis. See our FAQWhy Are Probiotics Good for My Horse?  Have a mini horse or donkey? See our FAQMiniature Horse & Donkey Nutrition, Diet & Health Tips.

With that in mind, we developed our Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus probiotic/digestive enzyme blends. These natural supplements address horses' key issues from multiple angles:

  • Gut flora improvement
  • Toxin elimination
  • Improved feed digestibility
  • Overall horse wellness, which can lead to better performance, and in some cases ulcer prevention
Equine-zyme natural horse probiotic supplement from EarthSong Ranch
Equine-Zyme Plus a Probiotic Immune Boosting Blend for Horses with Colostrum

Equine-Zyme & Equine Zyme PLUS(Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes and Colostrum)

More than just a yeast culture, we add horse specific and horse friendly pre & probiotics (microbiome) along with specific digestive enzymes. EZ PLUS adds colostrum for a gut and immune health boosting blend.  Comes in formulas for Minis too.

Our Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus Probiotic/Digestive Enzyme natural blends are manufactured in Iowa by Horse Tech. All Horse Tech products  on our site, including our own Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus, come with FREE SHIPPING.

Well known and respected, Horse Tech is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), whose membership requires them to manufacturer to a higher standard.

These products are generally shipped USPS 3 day shipping, but the larger sizes (21# & 42#) are drop-shipped via UPS ground,. which take about 5 shipping days. The drop-shipped packages are usually sent via UPS, so please be sure to include your physical address along with your mailing address when you fill out your order form. We generally ship via US Mail to Alaska and Hawaii. We welcome Canadian orders as well. If you live in Canada, you will receive an invoice for the additional shipping costs.

Natural Ulcer Support & Prevention Blends

In helping many horses over the years, Earth Song Ranch has found a specific combination of several herbs that work together synergistically to help a horse who has ulcers or is prone to ulcers. These supportive herbs have been a favorite natural approach to helping horses with ulcers for 12+ years - and are found in our Tummy Tamer and Tummy Tamer Show Formula blends - and in our Ulcer 911 Support Kit

See our FAQ: Ulcers in Horses – Natural Remedies/Treatments, Signs/Symptoms & Feeding.
Tummy Tamer for Horses - Natural Ulcer Support with Aloe
EPM Support Products for Horses by Earth Song Ranch.

EPM Support Kits - A Natural Approach

There are alternative options for supporting a horse with EPM and helping to prevent EPM.  Earth Song Ranch, along with a holistic veterinarian, formulated affordable natural homeopathic and herbal alternatives to allopathic treatments to support horses that have been diagnosed with - or are suspected to have - EPM. We offer our EPM Support Kit and EPM Support Kit + Immune Booster & Vitamin E + C. All kit products are available for purchase separately as well.

See our FAQ: EPM in Horses - Symptoms, Prevention Tips & Natural Support Solutions.
Read the Case Study on Natural Cushings Protocol Success in Elite Equestrian.
Elite Equestrian (PDF) Case Study on Natural Cushings Protocol Success.

Featured Article

See our Elite Equestrian (PDF) Case Study on Natural Cushings Protocol Success and all published articles & podcasts on natural horse care by Jessica Lynn of Earth Song Ranch.

Earth Song Ranch is a regular contributor to:

  • The Horse Talk Show
  • Equine Wellness
  • The Naturally Healthy Horse
  • Natural Horse
  • Horse's Hoof
  • HorseBack & more

Questions & Practitioner Referrals

We are also passionate about you, our customer. We try to respond to all phone calls, however emailing us is best so we can respond more quickly to your questions. You can also view our FAQ page for common questions and answers. If needed, we can refer you to a holistic or homeopathic vet, homeopaths, and other nutritionists (for people and animals), whom we use ourselves. We are also a resource for bare foot trimmers, and other websites dedicated to the health of animals.

Our Aim to Please Guarantee

The Earth Song Ranch natural product line is preventative by nature and design. We have taken great care to design a specialty nutritional product for just about every horse's need, as well as preventative products for your dogs and cats. We offer several lines of products for people as well.

If you are unhappy with us for any reason, please email and tell us earthsongranch@yahoo.com. If you are happy with us, please tell your friends and share our FaceBook Page too!

Video: The Earth Song Ranch Family

Earth Song Ranch is located in the high desert of Southern California, we are a working ranch, we walk our talk, and we live the life as well. We are the proud owners of a 2015 Tevis Arabian, four minis, a border collie, a mini Aussie, two Bossie's (Border Collie/Aussie) and a gaggle of cats!

Happy Trails, Jessica Lynn & the Earth Song Ranch Team