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April Thoughts and Musings -
With all of the eclipse as well as full and new moon energy, all of the time  it taks preparing for taxes, as well as for trying to get my Mom's estate/ trust settled through the court system in California I have had little time to get my usual newsletters prepared let alone out, so for this month this will be it, as the saying goes...better late than never!
My consulting job is coming to an end this summer, this contract at least, and I will be working just four days per week from May through August,  with the opportunity of another 2-3 year contract on the Oceanside Transit Center staring in September - so that will give me opportunity to work more on my own business this summer, to make sure orders get out timely as well as ingredients getting ordered and received here, timely, as well.  It will also give me the opportunity to get Cheyanne going too, to be a saddle horse, so we have a Buck Brannaman devote I have known for some time, scheduled for all the Saturday's in May to come to the ranch and work with Cheyanne and I which will be wonderful.  Cheyanne has most of the ground work in place, she has had someone on her back a few times, and we just need a refresher to move forward with treeless saddle and bitless bridle; with the help of our new farrier we are getting Echo's feet turned around and with some boots I am sure I will be riding her again as well, we have many more years to go and she has been with me for 18 years thus far and is well trained for all that I want to do.
This is the year we are all going to be healthier, hooves are the best they have been in the last couple years - getting better  and will be getting the horses fit along with myself including doing yoga and walking, so along with the help of our new farrier, excellent nutrition, a reverse osmisis water system at the barn and our wonderful local vet we will make this all happen. 
April is a month I love because the weather is still fairly chilly at night but warm enough to sleep with windows open, we have warm clear days and we always have the chance of some rain, this week in particular, and in some years we have also had some snow which was fun.  It is a month of the fruit trees blooming with the promise of summer fruit, the bulbs are also in various stages of blooming, fishing lady bugs out of the water troughs daily and my Iris are now just sending out their flowers to bloom brightly in the next weeks, my roses have also started to bloom, the drip system is in place for watering to conserve as you may have all heard California is in a drought;  the lavender have started growing, the migratory birds are back and re-nesting in the car port with the promise of baby bird noises soon to come, and I saw my first humming bird yesterday.  The horses have pretty much shed out, with baby Dazzle holding on a bit to her baby fuzs for the remainder of these chilly nights, she turns 1 year old on the 23rd... Tess wll be 4 on the 22nd of this month, while life marches on.
One of last years blooms ----
Canine Wellness Formula ---  Our new dog formula is now available in the store with all the ingredients listed on the web page - it is for the over-all wellness and immune health of your dogs, including for coat & skin, and so much more, it is also designed for your dog to digest and to absorb the nutrients in what you feed --- so click on the name above to be taken to the product.  This formula contains flax, chia, kelp, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Colostrum, Dog Specific Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics --- shipping on this product is always FREE - and I am offering it at 10% off through the end of the month.  Use coupon code CW10 to get your discount on check out!
Homeopathic of the Month:
Aconite - Is a remedy that I have in several strengths for various reasons, however, having 30c and 200c on hand is always a good idea as it is for fear and shock mostly, but is a remedy that if a horse tends to colic with weather changes, then as you watch the weather giving a dose of 30c can prevent that, espcially severe weather changes with cold winds and winter type weather.  Aconite is also a good remedy for an animal that has come out of a rescue situation, a dog or cat out of a shelter, or for a horse who has been transported and maybe it wasn't a great situation, couple that with a high dose of Arnica for trauma and the animal can be on the road to healing emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.  Some equine colics can be caused by high anxiety situations so this is also a remedy to help during those time.  I have also used Aconite, one dose for a new puppy coming in to the house which also helps to settle them in.
Herbal Wormer  -  I am blending a new batch of Herbal Wormer today for the Full Moon coming on May the 4th, so be ready for the full moon cycle with Herbal Wormer at 15% off through April 24th!  Use coupon code HW15 
Mare-Zyme - I have had many emails from people around the country who have had horrible cold and snowy weather for months, and their mares are having some issues with their heat cycles - so though I would offer up Mare-Zyme again at 15% off from April 25th to April 30th!  Use coupon Code MZ15  on check out!
Please Note:  Horse Tech Products
In the past few weeks several people have asked if I charge shipping on the Horse Tech Products I sell - the answer is NO -- HorseTech products ship for FREE weather directly from them or from my web site and cost the same if you buy from me or them!  So please everyone, if you love HorseTech Products the way I do I would love to have the sales!  I carry their Vitamin C, both forms of E et al on my site under Feed Additives, and under the HorseTech button in the store you will find many more favorites!  It is getting to be that time of year again when we will all be using Buggzo to help repel flies and I carry that too!
One of the missing pieces to the equine hoof health puzzle may be what is in the water, or maybe what isn't - on this journey to health for my horses especially, I have looked at so many aspects of feeding and trying to manage what my horses receive in hay, soaked hay pellets, along with a custom vitamin blend, but it is only in the past 4-5 months I started to consider what maybe what is troubling them is in the water -  we are on a well here, and in an area of high iron concentration, some of the wells over the hill from me have water that is red tinged, some in the past have had to ship in water for drinking and go to the laundry mat in town or their clothes turn an orange color as does their hair. 
I have recently obtained a reverse osmosis water system and have purchased a special filter for taking out the iron for the barn and water troughs, am having the water tested before installation and then about a month after to find out what the difference may be in the quality of the water.  Am also going to have the well shocked in the next month just to make sure it is free of bacteria et al.  What I have been concerned about is that iron will prevent the uptake of zinc and copper which are essential for hoof health, and we live in an area of hard water, lots of calcium so I need to find out the balance of cal/mg too.    As I have been considering all of this I received the Dairy One/ Equi-Analytical e-newsletter and saw that they too were now offering water testing, so guess I am on the right track in the moment.
For those of you on city water, and most particularly in areas where they are adding flouride to the water systems, you might want to read up and research what flouride can do to your horses health as well, none of it good.
Horses are very thifty with what they need to survive even when they are domesticated, and we really only need to feed good quality hay, use soaked hay pellets for a carrier for probiotics and digestive enzymes, maybe a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement, provide a good source of salt, and maybe use some rice bran for fat or for older horses to maintain weight, although some seniors may need a bag feed to maintain their weight with the added calories. 
However, manufacturer's of pelleted feed products load them down with synsethic over processed and un-natural ingredients, some with other feed additives, many now say "with added probiotics" but give no guarantee, none of this is doing your horses any favors in the long run.  These manufacturer's  have large advertising budgets to convince you their stuff is wonderful, well I am here to tell you they aren't, just read the labels, much is GMO and artificial.  With beets becoming GMO and beet pulp being chemically processed it is no wonder so many horses healths are compromised!  Now that it is spring and many of you can turn your horses to pasture for a few hours per day, if they have not been chemically treated or chemically fed then your horses are lucky and they are not receiving daily doses of Monsanto poisons via their hay. 
We are all on a budget these days, but most of us can afford a good quality grass hay, probiotics and digestive enzymes, & fresh water at minimum to reduce the likelyhood of vet bills and unhealthy horses. 
Happy Spring Everyone & Don't forget the below!. 
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