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Eeeee Gads.... it's August!


As a kid August was always my most favorite month, the surf perfect, the weather devine, the ocean crystal clear, we had perfect baby oil and iodine tans, the only bad part was knowing school would be back in session too!


August was also the month my Dad would give us 24 hour notice that we were leaving to go camping, loaded up the camper, small boat on top, big boat in tow, food, gear, fishing poles, and off we would go without usually a destination planned, just go driving all night to our first destination ... fishing, water skiing, camp fires and new friends, cooking out, loving life, being together as a family building memories that last a life time!


Now with the ranch, it is the month I start preparing for fall and winter to come.  Making lists, getting firewood in, making sure I have my emergency supplies in place, trenches dug to divert the rain, and tractor work done to till the soil to receive the liquid gold and building  swales to divert the heavy rain away from the barn and down to the lower part of the property.


I still love August, I love the weather of the high desert as nights begin to cool down, skies are clear, the hint of fall begins to appear, the horses begin to grow their winter coats, and it marks yet another season ready to pass as we head towards the autumnal equinox.


By the time you receive this email we will have had the second full moon in July, which makes it a blue moon - a very powerful time for manifestation and making changes in your life!  This photos is for a dolphin blue moon, so I thought I would share it!





 Mistakes ....

There are no mistakes. The events we bring upon ourselves, no matter how unpleasant, are necessary in order to learn what we need to learn; whatever steps we take, they're necessary to reach
the places we've chosen to go.

~Richard Bach, The Bridge Across Forever






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I will be posting to the Earth Song Ranch Blog a bit more often then in the past


Many of you have asked and we will also have available the Smooth Run Colostrum, in the next week or so, labels ahve been printed, they are pink - the company is donating 10% of the profits to Breast Cancer research and if you place your order through our web site and use coupon code 1st Order when you check out which will be directly through their web site from the link above, you will receive free shipping on that order. 


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Featured Content Article - EPM 


Did you know that the fall months seem to be when the highest number of horses are infected with EPM?  The article I wrote on EPM was written years ago, but much of it is still relevant, and under our new FAQ section on the Earth Song Ranch web site we have some new information.  If you click on the Featured Content Article - EPM above it will take you to the original article on our Articles page.  As many of you know, I was personally familiar with EPM as that is what Destinee Rose had and no one knew what it was, the infection went on for many months before we were able to determine what it was and treat her. 


Prevention is key, and also the EPM Nosode we sell will help along with a healthy immune system, which can be accomplished with feeding either Equine Zyme or Smooth Run Prime daily, along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and if you are in an area of high infestation rate then daily doses of colostrum as well especially this time of year. 


News from the Barn and More....




The Ranch and the Web Site


Lots of things are moving, shaking and changing at Earth Song Ranch again these days, we have the results of the surveys and we listened, I thank all of you who took the time to respond to the most recent questions, as your opinions are valuable to me, and we are in the process of developing 4 herbal blends with Catherine Bird, Master Herbalist and author of A Healthy Horse the Natural Way, including a liver De-Tox which several of you mentioned you were interested in.  We will also be offering an Immune Boosting blend in powder form as well for times when your horse(s) may be "exposed" or have the threat of exposure to something (Pigeon Fever, West Nile et al), or to help ward off possible infections or infestations!  An allergy blend will be coming for next spring is my goal as well, and maybe an overall body detox!



You may have noticed changes in the website, and a different look as well - I want to thank Cris Rominger who is our SEO and Web Marketing Guru who has done an incredible job of getting the site sorted out and links connected back et al! 



In this upcoming edition of Natural Horse Magazine, if there is room, one of my articles on Natural Source Supplements will be appearing, if not it will be in the Spring edition!  We are so happy to be back and contributing to Natural Horse Magazine where we got our start and many of the Earth Song Ranch long time customer's found us there!



Earth Song Ranch has been around and helping horse owner's since 1998 and will be around for a long time to come, with blends we know work and support your horses, cats and dogs!  I know because I use them too!  So many companies just jump in for the fast buck $$, but I am here to help and support, this is my passion and I am committed to helping others with their animals and sharing the wealth of information and knowledge!



Ldy Avalon & the Vintage Goddess ---


I met my friend Kara Starr in about 1992 at one of the local Psychic Faires when I was living on the coast.  She was the one everyone lined up for before the doors to the Pheonix Phyre Book Store would even open and they would come early to get their names on the list.  Even though I had used another tarot reader/ astrologer readers from the same book store for a couple years I decided to try her with an appointment at her home.  To this day she still reads for me, even though she has moved to Colorado we do phone readings, is ever so accurate with her predictions and her senses.  I would love to recommend to any of you who would like a reading to email her,  she does 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour or longer, she has a monthly news letter you can sign up for and she draws a name each month from the list of new people for a free 15 minute reading!  Her email is  -  in my most recent reading of a couple weeks ago, wihtin a weeks time what she has seen in the cards actually happened!



Our Friends & Neighbors finished Tevis  ----


It is with great delight that I can report that our friends and neighbors finished Tevis - my friend & neighbor Anne's horse Jeep was ridden by another, and she placed 29th Anne was part of the support team for them, the other horse and rider placed 21st - bottom line is they finished this gruling 100 miler!  Congratulations Janet & Sedona - Parry & Jeep everyone is so excited and proud of all of you! 



A New Line of Human Products Coming Soon ----


I have always wanted to be able to offer and line of Human products for all of my customer's. we keep our horss healthier then we sometimes keep ourselves, we will take better care of them then us, so now is the time we should also focus on our health and well being.  In the September news letter I will share with all of you this product line who introduced me to it, and how I feel on it which is pretty amazing, and should have it up on the site by the 1st of September!




Enjoy the magical days of August as we begin to wind down summer....



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