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Earth Song Ranch December 1st Newsletter‏



And off we go ..... shopping, and travel... holiday stuff..


This past week's preparation for Thanksgiving was the kick off of the holiday rushing around and "being stress-out" time - the side effects of the commercial side of this season.  I can't imagine what Black Friday was like at Khols, Walmart, or the malls.


When I walked in to Home Depot and Walmart the end of September with holiday decorations already up it made me ill.  Not even Halloween and the commercial side was up and running in full gear.  What happened to having one holiday at a time and enjoying each in their own way, what about let's have Thanksgiving before the Christmas lights go up and the tree is in the house?


Maybe I am old fashioned, but I like the marking of time, the seasons, the holidays all in their own right at the right time, not shoved down our throats for 4 months... ugghhh!



Thank You Anne York for the Gift of this Amazing Little Horse ----  Anne created a line of shirts with Jeep on them "Ride Like a Girl" go to her site for a shirt.  Ride like a girl into the holidays and take 15% off your order from until December 17th!!! Which also happens to be the last day to order with guaranteed delivery for Christmas!  Use coupon code HOLIDAYCHEER for 15% off your entire order from her site!!

It's winter

Snowing in lots of places and cold, make sure you are giving your horses more hay to stay way, Whinny Warmer's for the older horse to keep their legs warm and warm bucket feed or mashes to warm up their insides, it seems that we may be having one of the colder winters with snow falling already in the mid west, and we had snow all around us on Thanksgiving here in So Cal, time to make your winter plans as horse care givers to help them through this winter!

The Gift of a Horse....


Since the death of my little horse Destinee Rose  I have longed for a horse that I could ride that would take care of me, an Arabian, and one who had been there and one that while Cheyanne was being trained, since Echo is retired I could be riding.  I would talk to Destinee at night under the stars as I would walk up to the house from the barn, and after my son died it became even more important to me as life is too short, you have to live your passion, not just have a dream about it.


My dream came true a couple of weeks ago, with the gift of a little Arabian Gelding by the name of Jeep, who was a Tevis horse this year coming in 29th!  I am honored and blessed to have him in my life and in my herd, for the rest of his life too as we ride the trails around here, and my friend Kate and I live our dream of riding Hell Hole Canyon and Daley Ranch once again!




As many of you were aware from my posting on Face Book - my Cheyanne Rose was critically ill for a couple of weeks, it was around the clock care by me, my friend Kate helping with running IV fluids, giving pain meds through a catheter, antibiotics in liquids and in injection form, soaked bucket food to get her to eat, and lots of prayers for her to recover.  The best we can figure is that she passed a kidney stone which did some damage while passing, then caused a bladder infection --- for three weeks she was pretty ill, but seems not to have turned the corner, although not yet 100% am pretty sure she will fully recover, however, she is a horse that is prone to laminitis if ill, or from too many chemicals including anestesia and I pray we dodged the founder bullet with the help of Dr Fenton who did acupuncture, and with Dr Crowley doing her magic as well.  Cheyanne Rose and I are blessed and fortunate to have a great team on our side!


Two years ago she was given too much anestesia for her dental and had a bout of laminitis all four hooves, then in February of this year she contracted something, not sure what, but upper respiratory,  ran high fevers, and had another bout of laminitis, which caused a tiny amount of rotation in her right front hoof.  So with this horse I have to be particularly careful, and all my horses are on a diet that would be fed it IR/Cushing prone/Laminitic prone horses with a custom supplement from Horse Tech to make sure they are receiving all the nutrients that they need, mixed in soaked hay pellets.  Right now though Cheyanne is on one that has extra copper, zinc, selenium and some other needed supplements.


One of the things that helped her is that I have put on a water purifier at the barn given the high mineral content and hardness and also am giving all my horses Structured Water which changes the water and its molecular characteristics - if you would like to know more about this email me and I will send you to the distributor for this product, he lives in Montana, I am also giving my dogs and cats the structured water and drinking it myself!


Thoughts, things, and specials:


For the month of December I will be running weekly specials - so make sure you open the news letters and find out what you can save some money on and keep your animals healthy all year.  We are not a company of gifts and things we are a company about health!  About being in health more naturally! 



This coming year I will be writing more about health, and health for our animals and our selves in a more natural way...with nutrition, herbs, less vaccinations, more immune building nutirents, minerals, medicinal mushrooms and more. 


Always in January people want to loose weight, get healthy be more fit, it has to be a commitment for all year not just for a month, and loose interest, and for our animals too in the same way!


Consistency is the key, taking care of ourselves for the long run not just the short term!




Specials for December 1st through December 7th


Take 5% off any of the items in the Vitamin & Mineral Category that we carry, which are mostly from Horse Tech including Nutra Flax, Chia, Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex,  Vitamin C and a few others that might be of interest to all of you, CA Trace is in that category, there is also Organic Kelp, and Betonite Clay ~ come explore and save some money too!


Use coupon code Try5 for your discount, and don't forget that all Horse Tech products come with FREE SHIPPING!



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