LOVE IS IN THE AIR   Happy Valentine´s Day!

February 2015

Follow Your Heart

For those of us who have mares, we need to hug them tight for Valentine's day, and thank them for all they give to us!  When they decide to team up with us, they are partner's for life, and they give back to us in ways that geldings and stallions cannot!  I love all my mares big and small!

For Mares

On Sunday I am blending up the first batch of Mare-Zyme for 2015 - and because it is Valentine's month I am putting it on special from February 8th through the 16th at 15% off --- best to start your mare early on this blend so the beginning of March is coming up fast ~ help your mare transition from winter in to spring the easy way!  Use coupon code MZ15.

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Quotes for Valentines....


Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.~ Oscar Wilde


All the things that truly matter--beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace--arise from beyond the mind.~ Ekhart Tolle


Spring - I know many of you are still getting snow, cold weather, storms, and out here in California the daffodils have already started to bloom, the Iris are coming up, my horses and mini's are enjoying the greenery sprouting up in their drylots - and we are in to the last of the barn stored hay, counting the months before the first cuttings are done in Northern California and Oregon, which will be on their way in June after Father's day sometime if all goes well with the weather.


My friend Monique from Hay Pillows and I were chatting the other day, and as I shared with her, as I have shared here many times, spring is a time my phone rings the most with heart breaking stories of laminitis and founder, be it from the metabolically challenged to the horses who are on the rich spring pastures getting too much of a good thing unblancing the good gut flora which can go straight to the feet with inflamation. 


Much of this heart break can be prevented by taking a good look at your horses before the grasses begin to grow, it is also as Joe Camp has pointed out, if horses have "natural" pastures they will have a variety of grasses to choose from, weeds, trees, branches which can help to balance out what nature intended.  A lot of pasture is one type of planted grass and that is where trouble can begin.


Take a look at your horses necks are they cresty, check them over to see if they have fatty deposits on their bodies, how about their hair coats as compared to other horses you may have or are boarding with, is it longer, coarser, or maybe they are not shedding like the rest.  All are signs that your horse may be heading in to trouble with a metabolic issue be it IR or Cushings.  For horses on green pastures, limit the amount of time and the hours they graze, make sure they are on probiotics to keep the balance in the gut and as we go in to spring they do not need the "grains" to keep their weight maintained, so cut it back or cut it out completely.  It is all about balance, and maintaining that for them.


What is a Supplement --  The Horse magazine this past week published a thoughtful article on what really is a supplement, as well as a lot of the most recent research on the subject, what appears to work, what doesn't et al. "From vitamins and minerals to fats and yeast cultures, horse owners face hundreds of choices when deciding which, if any, nutritional supplements their horses need added to their daily feed. What really works, and what’s just the latest dietary fad?" 


If you didn't see this article I saved it and would be happy to email it to you if you send me a request.  Much of what it shares is what I have been saying for a long while, years in fact,  often in these newsletters, confirming in many ways all of my experience and knowledge.  What I have always said is not "the latest fad" but the proven results of good horse management with a common sense approach to supplementing your horses for their best health.


So much of the "fad stuff" is manufacturer's and others with big dollar budgets for advertising trying to make a quick buck on consumers, not science or proven research and may not be in the best interest of your horses, dogs and cats.  I have been involved in manufacturing pre/probiotics, beta glucan and colostrum in blends since 1997 with a micro biologist and we have stood steady in what we know to be true and what works for the animals.



In the very near future I will be making an announcement as to new products that Earth Song Ranch will be distributiing/selling, that will have the high potency beta glucans and the colostrum you all had come to rely upon over the years, for immune health of your animals. 


I am excited to announce that Earth Song Ranch will soon be offering you choices in products so that you can make the decisions as to what is best for your animals partnering up once again with a company we originally designed formulas for in 2001/2002, the company has been sold in 2013, the new owner has now updated the formulas to today's science and research and I am absolutely impressed with what he has done! 


We will continue to sell our amazing EquineZyme and Equine Zyme Plus along with the new K-9 Wellness formula which will be available in the next week to ten days, and it is an amazing formula with flax, chia, probiotics, kelp, colostrum and vitamin C for the health of your dogs!  I was hoping to have a label to post with this newsletter but will have it for the next!  We will once again also be offering K-9 Zyme with the beta glucans, high potency colostrum and much much more.


Can I tell you how excited I am to be able to offer all of these products to all of your for the health of your animals!





Other Specials: 


Horseprin - 10% off through February 16th use coupon code HP10- with a line up of White Willow Bark, Yucca, Meadow Sweet, Yarrow and Devil's Claw it has helped many horses with laminitis or body inflammation over the years. 


Happy Horse Meadow Mix --  With a blend of Red Clover, Dandelion Leaf,  Peppermint, Yarrow and Chammomile to name a few, it is an all time favorite with many horses.  We have been selling this blend now for almost 10 years, so Earth Song Ranch is offering it at 10% off until February 16th.  Use coupon code HH10 your horse will thank you. 


For those of you who may want Winter Stable Blend I think I may have 2-3 #'s left, and will not have it again until winter 2015/2016.