July 2015

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Date:  July 1, 2015                    

It's Official Now
Summer is here....


As I looked at the calendar the other day and noticed it was the 25th of June, it means we are half way to the Holidays!!!  Uggghhhh  --- but we are now in the midst of summer and all that means including the heat and some pretty high humidity for this area and time of year. 



The 4th of July weekend is upon us now, friends and family gathering, summer fun at hand, for those of you in areas that allow it fire works coupled with picnics and bar-b-ques!




News from the Ranch


With longer day light hours I find more and more chores to get done before I go in at days end after tending the horsey and mini girls -- and seem to only go up to the house at 9 pm to feed the dogs and kitty kids and enjoy the last bit of sunset from the deck.  Then fall in to bed to get ready for another day of chores, work and life.



Cheyanne Rose is having weekly lessons with Kathe Smoother's who has been a student of Buck Brannaman for 20+ years,  with our goal being for Kathe to ride her in Buck's clinic out here in the spring of 2016.   Cheyanne has had a lot of ground work but needed a bit of a refresher course in some manner issues with other people, and you can tell she looks forward to Kathe coming these days learning new things and old things in new ways! 


I have not been able to participate much in way of homework these last few weeks as I had a broken toe then unfortunately have been recovering from a pnemonia!  So am hoping this week I can move forward with homework after our lessons to support Cheyanne to be the best she can possibly be!



Ranch & Beach


I am lucky to be able to live the ranch life, and my consulting job leads me to be able to work at the beach/harbor several days during the week so I have the best of both worlds for now - I love being able to see the ocean during the week, as I grew up on the beach, I can take a walk along the board walk at lunch time down to the sand and smell the ocean see the waves and hear the laughter of the kids playing. 


I love being able to hear the noises at the harbor, the sea gull, the seals, hearing the sport fishing boats come and go, seeing father's and their kids with fishing poles; seeing the families with all their gear heading to enjoy a day at the beach at the Oceanside Harbor.



Articles & a Few Thoughts ---


For those of you who get the Horse's Hoof Magazine I have a new article running this quarter about Balancing Your Horse from the Inside and a new ad as well --- it is worth the read and reminds us that we all need to balance ourselves from the inside with probiotics and good nutrition  not just for our horses but for our other pets, and for ourselves more importantly so we can take care of all of them! 




I know when I get busy I don't take the time to do my fruit smoothies in the morning, and I also don't eat as many salads or steam as many veges ~  my wake up call was coming down with a nasty virus and then worse for a couple weeks just recently, am still not a 100% but getting there!





  New Herbal Blends
  Fly Spray Hints and Tricks
  News from the Ranch

Herbal Blends


In the survey we sent out in May several of you mentioned you would love to have more of the cut and sifted herbal blends to add as hay toppers or mix in your bucket feed for specific horse health and a detox.   We listened and I contacted my friend Catherine Bird, master herbalist and author of "A Healthy Horse the Natural Way' she and I will be teaming up and will be colaborating on at least 4 blends, including a specific blend for a general detox for your horses, keeping them healthy, there will be other specific blends & we already have the Winter Stable Blend and the Happy Horse Meadow Mix which you all love! 



Fly Spray Hints and Tricks


For all of our horses the biting flies are the worst next to the biting midges which all are a part of summer.  If you are not a user of essential oil one of the things I can recommend is that you get the Espree Concentrated Fly Spray and instead of adding water use either AC Vinegar or Listerine -- if you are new to essential oils and you have a health food store near by you can get the NOW brand of oils I would recommend Rosemary and Lavendar and add 15-20 drops of each to the above mixture - it makes a difference without all the chemicals!






As we have been sweltering in the heat and high humidity Diamond and baby Dazzle have decided it is time to start growing their winter coats!  Diamond came from the same little herd that Annie did that was a rescue effort out of  Iowa, and last winter was the first time she ever had a blanket so not sure if she is going to be the bellweather telling us that we may have not only an early fall but a longer and colder winter than normal!  Time will tell!


The sun rise and sunsets have been spectacular these last couple weeks, and if you couple the Venus and Jupiter being so close together in the western sky as the sun sets and the full moon well it is breath taking to say the least!  Hope you all have been able to view this rare event in the night sky and many have written about it being the star of Bethleham and what the wise men had seen!













Specials ~



Happy Horse Meadow Blend ~  take 15% off through July 10th use HH15


Canine Wellness ~ take 5% off this awesome health enhancing blend until the 15th use coupon code CW5


Mare Zyme ~ One of our most popular blends - take 20% off until July 15th!!!  MZ20 is the coupon code.




New Features ~


We added a couple new features to our Face Book Page - you can click directly on the "Shop Now Button" above or the "Shop" button to the left and be taken directly to the store to make it easier to be able to get your favorite products, it has been an instant hit for those who love to be able to shop directly from FB --- so if any of you have not tried it it really  is easy!




Pinterest - we do have a link to our Pinterest board it is under the "More" options at the top of the FB page - have lots of healthy recipes to share, and more if you have not been there you should follow us and check us out!



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