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May 2015

It's May ...

Time for life and living....


By now I am hoping that everyone in the country is having better weather, that the snow has stopped in all regions and that horses are shedding out and life is better for all!


As we speed towards summer now, kids and grandkids getting out of school, life maybe slowing down just a bit, and life shifting gears in new and possible ways, I am hoping for atleast a month off this summer between consulting jobs and to reorganize my life and my business too.


By months end I should have the Smooth Run Products active in the Store, it has taken time on their side to set up the distributor programing so we can integrate it in to the Earth Song Ranch Website.  They are actively working on the Smooth Canine to add to what I already offer and feed my dogs which is the Canine Wellness Formula full of natural ingredients and goodness.  If you haven't already go check it out in the Dog and Cat area of the store.


For the past 18 months my life has been turned upside down having to sue the trustee who also happens to be my brother, for what he did to my parent's trust!  I am happy to announce that it is over as of a week ago this past Monday when we went to court.  Although most was lost as the trustee had spent it, it was the principal that mattered the most, as well as finally standing up to a bully who had hired one of the worst most underhanded attorney's I have met this life time.  So this past week I have been in "shock mode" and "deprogramming" from it all, feeling exhausted as my adrenals probably need boosting - as most know I had to do my own case as a trained paralegal so it took a lot out of me not only in time but energy while working my full time consulting job, taking care of Earth Song Ranch business and my fur family too, so now my focus will once again turn totally to my business and my ranch as well as the fur kids and we move on in life with closure after nine long years!


Orders after this week, once again be back on track, and I apologize to you all who were so patient during this time, especially the past few months, and during the time I lost Destinee Rose as well.  Thank you from the deepest part of my heart! 













Homeopathic Remedy



Apis - is one of those remedies I keep handy in the barn and up at the house for insect bites and stings especially wasp and bee; it helps to prevent or bring down swelling and can help with intense itching that may come with a red ant bite as well!  Some horses get relief from summer itch or midge bites on the belly from this remedy too!



Buggzo -  It is that time of year that fly repelling has become necessary, and one of the things I use for my horsey girls is Buggzo by Horse Tech --- it really seems to help repel the flies and keep the horses more comfortable.  They love the taste of the powdered apple cider vinegar and garlic too.  Buggzo offers a convenient and delicious alternative to the garlic or vinegar based products available on the market today. Buggzo combines garlic and vinegar in a pelleted product that's easy to feed and truly palatable. Carefully selected garlic, including aroma controlled garlic, provides the cornerstone for this unique product. In addition, Buggzo also provides a unique pH buffered Dried Apple Cider Vinegar--no more liquid vinegar or moist/sticky bug products! It is our opinion that these ingredients plus diatomaceous earth, thiamine, B-complex vitamins and grapeseed extract make Buggzo the most comprehensive and useful on the market today. HorseTech guarantees your complete satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll see that you receive a full refund. Earth Song Ranch sells Buggzo and we are offering it at 5% off and don't forget on the Horse Tech items we sell it is always free shipping, and free shipping on Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme + and Canine Wellness too!  Use coupon code "Bug" for you discount!  Click on this link to be taken there:  BUGGZO






Thrifty Horse



Fly Spray - In sticking with the theme of bug control and fly repelling items, I would love to know what you use for fly spray or you add to a product already on the market to keep it the most non-toxic but still do the job as well as keep it afforadable.  I use a concentrate called Espree to which I dilute it with Apple Cider Vinegar, but as we head in to summer and the heat I add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, and Lavendar to it as well.  Sometimes if the flies are really bad I will add Listerine to dilute instead of the Apple Cider Vinegar which an old cowboy taught me years ago.  Please email me what you use and I will share in the June Newsletter.




June will be the last month that we will offer a discount on Herbal Wormer for this year, so be looking for the June Newsletter for the discount code.   This product has grown so much in popularity with our customers over the last few years as more and more people try to go non-chemical that we run out just before each full moon cycle!  







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