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Happy Everything Merry Always from Earth Song Ranch

Happy Thanksgiving - Happy Haunnaka - Merry Christmas - Happy New Year 2016

We are not quite to any of these holidays yet, and in so saying, Happy Holidays is the appropriate title for this Mid November News Letter!  I know that many have issues with saying the above, but life is too short to be bothered with words, all have meaning, they all come from the heart, so why not say what we feel in the moment and for me it is Happy Holidays! 


You can feel the hustle and bustle in the stores already as everyone begins to get ready for Thanksgiving, with Christmas following on its heels, I know I have been picking up ingredients along the way for the past two weeks, just need a few extra things,have to check my spices for the pie, the yams and the turkey, then I am set and able to stay on the ranch all I need is a Turkey then we will be ready to start cooking and baking mid next week, am so looking forward to and I will enjoy the company of my daughter and her family and her friend Erica along with my friend and neighbor Kate!


We have a tradition that we do around the table which is to say what we have been thankful for this past year, and there are so many things to be thankful for including health, food on the table, our loved ones, our animals, and so much more!  The more we are thankful, for even the smallest of things, the more blessings will be on the way!




Specials to the End of the Month:


Senior Zyme ---- 20% off - a gift for your older horses to help them with the cold  with some herbs that make them a bit more comfortable including white willow bark, meadow sweet and tumeric!  Use coupon code SZ20.


Winter Stable Blend is one of our most popular and best sellers this time of year, and we are on now on the third batch for this season - your horse will enjoy pieces of cinnamon bark, orange peel, and ginger along with peppermint and meadow sweet, it is a great gift for any horse and it has so many warming herbs along with it being a great hay topper or bucket add with lots of peppermint leaf too!  Use coupon code WS15 for 15% off!

Canine Wellness --- this formula was designed to give your dogs an extra boost, with probiotics, flax, colostrum and more, I feed it to my dogs and their coats and teeth show it, I am offering it at 10% off through the end of the month, please try it for your pet they will show how well it works by their good health and a shiny more healthy coat too!  Use coupon code CANINE for 10% off and don't forget it includes free shipping!


*note - click on the underlined name above to go directly to the product for more information and ingredients.


Thoughts and Things for this November



My wish for all of you is that you have family, friends, and those you love at your tables this year, that somehow we can have peace on the planet, that we can live in peace, feel secure and not continue to feel threatened by those who seek to harm in the name of whatever they believe in misguided ideology or not. 


That we all give from our hearts this season to those less fortunate, it doesn't take much, a package of socks for the homeless at a shelter, helping to serve a Thanksgiving meal at a church, Salvation Army or local charity.


Donate gently used clothing, shoes, or even an old purse with a tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo and a soap to a woman's shelter, someone who has little will appreciate that. 


Go to a pet rescue and take some food, or walk a dog, or donate a collar or a pet bed.  Take a bag of feed to a horse rescue or an old useable horse blanket, a bale of hay, they could use it!


We all could do a little more for those in need, and for our own communities, think globally but act locally.








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