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Earth Song Ranch Mid August 2015 News‏

Earth Song Ranch

Summer : Saturday August 15, 2015


Summer - Where has it gone?

Every night while down at the barn, getting through my chores, I am noticing it getting dark earlier and earlier, the sun is setting at 7:45 pm this week and we are pretty dark by around 8:15 --- how can this possibly be I tell myself, I have so much more to do this summer, more training time to get in, fall and winter prep to have in place, and more colorful summer sunsets to watch, it can't be getting dark this early!!!


Am enjoying summer squash and other veges from neighbor's gardens, lots of salads with strawberries and red onion, avo's and home made poppy seed dressing - marinated veges on the grill, with that touch in the air, every so ofen, of the promise of fall coming, a few 42 degree mornings and yet another season preparing to pass --- this weekend however, we have 100 degree days (105 both Saturday and today!) and nights that are not cooling down, dropping back to the 80's for the work week.  Glad I work at the beach during the week!



I wrote an article a few years ago about feeding your horses fruits, click on this link as it will take you there -->  Fruit for Horses

While fruit is in plentiful supply treat your horses.  A selection of veges is good too and healthy!




Fall has become one of my more favorite seasons over the years, I love to bundle up in sweaters, sweat shirts, jeans and boots and snuggle in my favorite afgan made by my friend Susan with love!  Had another 1/2 cord of fire wood deliverd, mostly avocado wood this time, with another 1/2 cord coming in September of a mix of woods, and maybe just maybe some oak!


My Mini Girls have been sprouting their winter coats, Diamond and Dazzle first, now I can see it in Annie Rose too!  The big horsey girls are still slick and no signs yet of winter coat to come!  Guess they did not know we were going to have this heat wave.  It is incredible to think that Diamond and Dazzle have been with us for a year now, we picked them up on August 1st 2014 - which is Diamond's new birthday since we have no idea when she was born!






Special -



Happy Horse Meadow Mix:




Treat your horse (s) to a tasty topper full of aromatic herbs that not only taste good but have vitamins and minerals and some with medicinal properties -- take 10% off your order using coupon code HH10. Click here to go straight to -> Happy Horse



News From The Ranch -


Dr. Fenton will be coming on the 22nd of August for the monthly clinic I host for our area, chiropractic/acupuncture and some homeopathy mostly for horses but we do have some dogs on the list this time - he is an incredible vet and compassionate healer as well - this visit however will be special as we will be celebrating the Tevis horses and toasting them with champagne for the humans and carrots for them, then they will be getting their adjustments, acupuncture and maybe some homeopathy!  My friend Anne York's horse, Jeep, came in 29th out of a field of 216 horses, her business partner, Janet Wort's horse came in 21st - and Tevis was won by a man name Potato who is 73 years young!  If you don't know what Tevis is it is a grueling 100 mile endurance race starting at Lake Tahoe and ending up in Auburn, California, over hill, dale, steep climbs and narrow trails with drop offs that are huge - so not for the faint of heart!  Below is Jeep, Anne's horse, being ridden by Parry who is a friend of Anne's!



















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