January 11, 2015



Happy New Year Everyone:


Over the years I have written my email newsletters as though I were writing to friends, and so many of you have followed me over the years from small start up, to web based business, as Earth Song Ranch continued to grow, and still continues to grow.  I have had many dreams of helping many more, and to do that takes more money then I seem to have some times with the cost of hay, owning horses, vet bills, trimmers et al. When my Mom changed worlds a little over 8 years ago, she left me an inheritance, for which I had dreams of how I could use it to build the business and to be able to afford more advertising, maybe some SEO help, and so much more... well I kept dreaming, waiting, and dreaming some more,then I had the thought and the dream of moving up to Mt Shasta and living in her house, the last house my Dad built..... I have operated on a beer budget with champagne dreams, but each year having growth, and prospering, even if it meant having to have a full time job to do so like I do right now, and doing it for love, for passion and because I was blessed with the intuition as well as the education being able to help others with their animals health.


"Letting go is part of moving on to something better. You will not get what you truly deserve if you’re too attached to the things you’re supposed to let go of. Sometimes you love, and you struggle, and you learn, and you move on. And that’s OK. You must be willing to let go of the life you planned for so you can enjoy the life that is waiting for you." Author Unknown


As I have shared in the past as I wind down a year, like 2014 for example, I release each month, all that was good and bad or even neutral, I go through my day planner to remember some things, and I spend time in contemplation and in gratitude for all that I experienced in that year of 2014 good, not so good and otherwise, as I have done for years over the past 3 decades.


We humans tend to want ot hold on to ideals or a life we had planned when maybe just maybe if we are willing to let go something far better would be in the offing for us along the way.  There has been one personal thing that I have struggled with for the past going on 9 years now, holding on tightly to and in the month of December I came to the realization I had to give it up to the Universe for whatever outcome is meant to be, as I want closure to this after over 8 years of dreaming, planning, waiting to no avail. 


I had to/have to trust the process, not an easy thing in this case, not easy in any way shape of form, not easy when you have to sue a family member for breach of fiduciary trust;  but I had to release all of this as I had put way too much personal energy in to it since November of 2013, when I made the discovery, that "thing" was my Mom's estate/trust had been bled to death, after miss-managment by the trustee, who just so happens to be my brother.  My Spirit was shattered by him in so many ways and I realized I had to call it all in to be whole again. By putting so much energy towards this effort I ended up compromising my immune system from the stress, getting the flu and upper respiratory illnesses when I had not had anything in 5 years and getting more migraines then were worth it.   I am sure many of you have faced similar, in families you just never know.  During those years I was focused on building my business, tending to the needs of Destinee Rose to try to help her heal, and just trying to live life, trusting my brother was managing the trust/estate properly.


Today would have been my Mom's 86th birthday, Happy Birthday Mom!  For her and for my own spiritual growth I have had to let it all go.  That is not to say I will stop doing the legal foot work, I shall, I will follow this through to the end even if in the end it only brings closure and not the financial inheritance that had been left to me as my legacy and was squandered by my brother..... Namaste. I forgive him, I have released him and I am calling back my own spirit in order to heal this, as well as to know that somehow that money will come to me in other ways if it is meant to be at all.  I would not want his karma for what he has done, and I would not want to be meeting up with my parents in heaven the day he crosses the rainbow bridge.


This is such a personal thing, I have had to reach out to others for advice and legal help as well, even a small loan when I found out there was no money left, as I did not have the money to pursue this to hire an attorney, and have had to do all the legal work on my own, filing motions, making court appearance, preparing exhibits and declarations, none of which should have had to been done if the estate had been handled properly and settled timely, which most do in less than two years time.  Luckily I had a paralegal education and background but I realize now in hind site it took far too much away from me, my busines and my spirit.


Please everyone out there reading this, the lesson is:  talk to your parents, go over their wills, their trusts, et al.  Make sure everyone in the family understands and is informed before the day comes that you have to deal with this yourselves.  If you are not the trustee hold the appointed trustee to his/her duties, make them accountable from the get go.  Get yearly accountings so you can see if something is amiss.  Don't just assume things are being handled the way they should, they most likely are not.  Get legal advice, stay on top of it for the best outcomes. 


If you have a will/trust/estate leave it in the hands of someone who you can trust so that your children receive the legacy meant for them!  There is nothing you can do from the other side to help once you are gone, and I know my Mom regrets leaving her estate in the wrong hands, and in fact she had an appointment to have that changed but an anurisum burst and took her life before she made the appointed day to do so! 




I know my Mom is here guiding and supporting me, but it is time to let go and let the courts handle what needs to be done.

Shipping, Distribution and Internet Challenges!

I would have thought that the month of December was a month long Mercury Retrograde to the "inth" degree for all the crazy things that happened and continued through New Years as well... packages shipped were lost by the post office, no tracking even, packages were scanned delivered and the person who it was shipped to never recevied it/them.... orders placed with suppliers were lost and or never shipped, our internet went down for several days when we had snow over New Years so nothing could be processed or even responded to and I could go on and on and on - but know I am truely sorry for all of these mess up even though most were out of my control, a couple I caused by sending to old addresses, or having  a label get buried in other things and it didn't ship on time!  I do my best to provide great customer service and will do my utmost in 2015 to improve it even more and to the best of my ability!!!!!


There was one more herb order not shipped and the paperwork lost by the supplier, so today, a Sunday, they researched it, then they packaged the order for shipping to me, an order that should have shipped two weeks ago!  So if you are waiting for Tummy Zyme, Herbal Wormer, or Horseprin just know it is on the way!




New Mailing Address -

Due to the volume of mail I receive my little local post office asked that I get a bigger box to not only help me but them too!  One finally came available and we now have a new address:


PO Box 482, Aguanga, CA 92536


So while I am on new addresses, if any of you have a new mailing address please email me that new address so I can update the system, and please also if you are used to getting most of your packages via mail, Equine Zyme, EquineZyme Plus and the HorseTech products come by UPS so I need a physical address to ship to!






Horseprin, Herbal Wormer, and Winter Stable Blend all 10% off -- this is your last chance for Winter Stable Blend when its gone its gone for this season!


Use coupon code ESR10 for your discounts!








Feeding Your Horse on a Budget:

For all of us it is always a challenge to keep our horses healthy, feed them like they were meant to be fed, and to give them the best that we can afford.  Those of you with spring and summer pasture have it made for the most part!  Some horses may need a supplement with a vitamin and mineral blend that can keep them healthy along the way as well.  One of the first things is buy the very best quality grass hay you can afford and a combination of grass hay not just one type, or a blend if you can get it.  If you can purchase by the ton then get it tested to see what you need to balance to.  If you have a well, get it tested for any bacteria load and minerals, which may cost up to $200, but in the long run that may be less then a vet bill too!


Horses need a combination or wam and cool weather grasses to get the different nutrients from each, bermuda or crab grass, orchard or timothy, a mixture is always best.

The horses’ only option is one species of cool season grass (like fescue, orchard, etc) which has way more sugar than warm season grasses (like Bermuda, Crab grass, etc) because cool season grasses generate fructan. Warm season grasses do not. A warm season grass will manufacture starch but when the gland storing the starch is full the process stops. Fructan in cool season grasses is manufactured indefinitely as long as there is sunshine. - See more at: http://thesoulofahorse.com/blog/five-year-anniversary-in-founder-valley/#sthash.XFX4UlVl.dpuf


Because we do not have pasture out here, which as Joe Camp in his latest blog reminds us have things they like to nibble on such as bushes, trees, berries, herbs, we only have dry lots, I try to feed a blend of orchard and bermuda with a small amount of alfalfa to round it out. 


I mainly feed in Hay Pillows and do have a couple of Nibble Nets that I put Bermuda in which is how they like to eat that particular hay. The orchard goes in the ground Hay Pillows, I also put either bermuda or bermuda mixed with orchard in the hanging Hay Pillows, hung in their stalls or in different locations in their big turn out pens to encourage them to move, also  in two ground feeders to keep them moving during the day as well, which I know my horses have not been moving enough so are putting them further out these days. 


Having Hay Pillows and Nibble Nets in the long run also save you money because hay is not tossed around that is then raked up and tossed out because they have pee'd or poo'd on it! 


As a carrier for the custom vitamin supplement I feed my horses I use 1c timothy pellets, or the timothy/alfalfa blend, 1/2 cup rice bran meal, and 1 scoop nutra flax, I add 2 capsules of Vitamin E to the horses and 1 cap each to the minis' buckets.  I also add salt to that bucket and some magnesium as our hay is very deficient in both.  For those of you wanting a good supplement to add to bucket feed High Point for Grass hay is one of the ones I recommend, and is easy to mix in to soaked hay pellets. It is on our site under Horse Tech Products


On occasion I do use Nutrena Senior Feed Dry (Safe Choice) if in the winter time one of my horses seems to need a boost of calories and fat.  I also give it to my young horses for the same reason if need be.  A cup or two is really all you need.



Please Note:  You should feed no more than 1 to 2#'s of alfalfa hay per day to any horse along with their daily hay ration.  I do feel they need it for not only the variety but also for the different nutrients that are in alfalfa as well as how they digest it, alfalfa is a legume hay, they just do not need it as the main course.  


There are a lot of opionions on how to feed horses out there, and some horses do well on nothing but alfalfa, however to maintain our domesticated horses we need to give them some variety and for the most part supplement some of the vitamins and minerals that are lost during the storage process.  Depending on where you are located in the country and where your hay is grown may also make your horses requirements different as well, but you will only know that by testing your pasture or your hay.






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