Earth Song Ranch
     Mid-June 2015

Up Up and Away


I love seeing the baloons going up over wine country in Temecula, many mornings on the way in to town they will be floating high in the clear blue sky and beyond with the sun rising some mornings making all look sureal, some mornings they have landed in fields along the roads with the baloons still flying in the air as they unload passengers.  I wonder how many people got engaged flying in the sky over this wonderful part of So Cal, and the stories as to how they decided to take a baloon ride, the stories in my mind are endless!


Over the weekend the promise of summer arrived with not only the way the air smelled but the heat that followed it.  We also had the humidity that really wilts a person if you are outside doing chores.... 


This weekend is not only Father's Day but the Solstice also arrives at approximately 9:57 am PDT.  It is the longest day-light day of the year as we head towards the winter solistice which is the shortest day-light/longest night of the year.





Balancing The Equine Athlete from the Inisde

For those of you who have horses who  do endurance, trail ride, competitive trail barrels and more this article would be of interest to you in how your horses energy levles and stamina come from the inside health of your horse and how he/she is absorbing the nutrients you feed.  This article will be appearing in HorseBack Magazine, and a sister article to this one will be apprearing in Horse's Hoof Magazine in the summer edition.

These will also be posted on the Earth Song Ranch web site in the Articles section in a few days time so check back!  We are in the process of getting these uploaded to the website.



Responses to Survey ---


I want to personally thank all of you who took the time to respond to the survey that I sent out over a month ago.  I especially want to thank those of you who responded with written comments as to products you would love to see including more of the cut and sifted herbal blends for things like detoxing a horse et al.  And for those of you who are wanting K-9 Zyme and Kitty Zyme your requests are not being ignored, we are working on both of those to get them right in not only dosage but in flavoring for dogs and cats which it is totally different.... until we have those two blends just right we do not want to go to market with them!


The greatest responses were that you would like to see more cut and sifted herbal blends for detoxing your horses and for other health related items, I do have formulas for several of those and will take that in to consideration and possibly offer up what I use for my personal horses for all of you in regards to this.  For the detox I may offer that in the form of a tea as well as cut and sifted herbs.


One of questions that had several of the same comments was that you all want to know how long a product will last ie. 1# of Senior Zyme and what the average dose would be.  I realize this is a short coming in many of my products people do want to know as well as compare it to other products by way of cost too and I will start to address this in the next month and add the serving sizes along with how long to expect a product to last, one by one. 


Another valuable comment was about consultations - I do offer consultations to review feed, herbs, over vaccination, natural worming protocals and your horses feeding program with recommendations, I offer 1/4 hour @ $25, 1/2 hour and hour long appointments, usually done on weekends,  I have you email me, in advance, your feeding program, the age of your horse(s) and some of your questions and we start there --- if your go to the Earth Song Ranch Store and scroll down the button is there or click this link to be taken there Consultations



I so appreciate the comments and your recommendations and hope that you will all take the time to respond to the current survey that was sent out today to 1,000 Earth Song Ranch followers regarding the ease of use of the website.  Your comments would be greatly appreciated so that we can possibly modify and make changes!


Thank You for Taking the Time!!!!



In Honor of Father's Day!



I am the daughter of the brightest star in the sky. 

I love you Dad and I miss you so much. 

You will always be in my heart taking every step I take with me!



A Note about Free Shipping & Specials


I realize that many of you love free shipping and others of you love coupons --- on occasion I will offer free shipping during the year and you can always count on that in December as a thank you to my customers -- in years past  I have offered free shipping in June as well for part of the month on orders over $100 --- and for those of you who purchase HorseTech Products they always come with free shipping.... for those of you interested in the new generation Smooth Run Equine, your first order comes with free shipping, and if you sign up for auto ship you will continue to recieve free shipping..


Having said all that .. from June 15th through the 30th I am offering free shipping on Earth Song Ranch Horse Products - the coupon code is ESR Free - so any amount any order for anything listed under Earth Song Ranch Horse Products











On a different note.......


I am running a contest  from June 15th to June 30th for anyone who sends in a testimonial on any of the Earth Song Ranch Products, your name will be entered in to a drawing for a 3.5# Equine Zyme.  Winner will be announced over the 4th of July weekend!  Please email to  put in the subject line "testimonial"  tell us how any of our products helped your horse, cat or dog, and tell us how they improved the health of your animals! 


Everyone is eligible by just sending in a testimonial that may be posted on our website with your initials only and where you live!


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