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Earth Song Ranch Mid October 2015‏

Earth Song Ranch                                                                                                             October/11/2015



Gifts, Kindnesses, Wishes and Humming Birds...


These past few weeks have been filled with kind, loving and giving friends, neighbors and customers, with surprises from nature and then some, manifestation of some long held dreams, and so much more.  Many have privatedly emailed asking how everything went, so I am writing about some of the things below, sharing the celebration and more with my email list only as many of you have been with me a long long time.  A separate newsletter will go out with the specials.


Just shortly after my son passed away, and before my grandkids arrived, I had been helping a local trainer for some time with a difficult horse who was boarded with her, giving her herbs and homeopathic remedies for this mare.  She had called and was coming over to pick up more, and I had mentioned to her in passing,  in our last call or two that I had found a mini harness and was hoping to get a cart soon, but had to put it on hold for a bit with all the expenses I had and having left my job, to make a long story short, she drives up with one in the bed of her truck, for me to use and to train my mini's with, she has had it for some time, someone left it who had owed her money some time ago, I could not believe the generosity and the kindness, so I have cleaned it up, an going to spray paint it and am cleaning harness leather this weekend and conditioning it too!  So driving lessons on the Earth Song Ranch will begin shortly!


Today while out watering I was taking in the scent of my budlea bushes which are blooming again, up flies a tiny young humming bird, and I could tell he wanted a bath, so I turned the nossle on shower and turned down the pressure and he loved it, he danced flying around in the water then landed on the bush and I let the water run on him as he did his little humming bird shake and shaking his wings to get them clean - what a blessing to have experienced this today.


I am hosting a dog obedience class at my ranch for some of the local people, using my long time dog trainer, we have 6 dogs in the class, including Tilley, and in today's first class there were dragon flies flitting about of the most beautiful colors of tourquoise and lavendar another blessing and message from nature today!


within a day or two of when my son died a Golden Eagle arrived, and has been seen daily, he is helping me naturally to take care of the squirrel population that has taken up residency and are eating the fruit from my trees and berry bushes.



While we were all at my son's Celebration of Life my very good friend and neighbor Kate Bridge, of Animal Aura's made us all dinner and came and let my dogs out for a run and to pee while I was gone all day,  it was the greatest gift she could have given, she made her incredible crock pot enchiladas and believe me second and third helpings were had by all!  Along with Almond Champagne... from Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula to toast a life well lived and ened too short.


The last few years have been a bit too busy, consulting, 3 hour daily commutes, caring for Destinee, running my business, redoing my web site, getting a new manufacturer and reformulating products, training Cheyanne, the list goes on and I have not been riding for some time, but my greatest wish in the moment will be coming true very shortly and that is to start riding again, maybe do a few trail rides or ride with some of the local ladies and "ride around the block" at night with my neighbors.  Life is too short not to be doing what I so love, and that is riding!


 My Greatest Blessing...


....was being a Mom, was having healthy kids, and with one of each I hit the jack pot.  My son was my first and I practiced on him... he didn't come with an instruction manual of any kind, but grandma and grandpa were right there the first months, and all the years until he reached adulthood. 


I still remember the day I knew I was pregnant along with all the hopes and dreams one has for their child, feeling that first little kick, him moving about, I knew he was a he.  I remember being kept up nights with his kicks and jabs,  I knew he was going to be some kind of athlete. The entire family was there waiting at the hospital while I was in labor with him on a full moon on the Spring Equinox March 1971 and all natural birth, because that is how we did things, a robust 9#'s even and he was the first grandchild on each side, the first great grand child, the first nephew.  I was there for everyone of his firsts, his first breath, his first cry, his first tooth, his first steps, his first day at Montissory School, his first soccer game, his first date, his first prom, and I was there the day/ moment "his first" was born whom he handed to me just outside the delivery room door... and everything in between from first born, to father himself. 


As a young mother my kids had the best in nutrition, no jars of baby food or formula in our house, I made everything from fresh veges from our garden, limited vaccines, osteopathic treatments, homeopathy, Montessori schooling, they were allowed to play in the dirt/get dirty when we lived at the beach in Leucadia.  We had an huge organic garden they helped in, all of this so they would have the best launch in to life health wise we could possibly provide. I was afforded the luxury of being a stay at home Mom until my daughter was in kindergarden, then I went to work and they became "latch key kids".  At the time I had gone back to work, I had the best of it all with my children when they were young, we had moved from the beach, built our own home, lived in the country in San Marcos, had a pony, ducks, bunnies, fruit trees, so they had so many opportunities to just do and be.  Never once considereing that one of my children would leave life so early of a heart attack with so much to live for yet to come. 


My son lived a life he loved, he was the consumate Aries, athlete, extrovert to the inth degree and he had a future planned, cut way too short.



Thoughts and Things...


These past 2 weeks have been a blur of activity, lots to do and have to get done.  Family in to support one another, stories to be shared, masses of paperwork to move through, meals to prepare, transportation to consider, things to do, people to see while everyone was in town, it was so good to be in the embrace of family to share our own stories to relive our life adventures with my son.


The weather could not have been more perfect for the day that we celebrated him, the most perfect of San Diego days, lots of sun burns to go around --- the next day when we scattered his ashes was gray, rainy, windy and the total opposite.  On the way to the beach coming down the hill from the ranch there was a rainbow right in front of us coming straight out of the clouds, and then coming in to Temecula there was the entire arch of another rainbow, and I could not help but think of his favorite book as a child "Fuzzy Wuzzy's Rainbow" - in some way he was letting us know he was with us.


My son's Celebration of Life was wonderful, he would have loved to have been there in person, so filled with stories of him and how much he meant to so many.  In the telling of the stories I could see clearly how much he had gotten from me in the way of how to treated people/friends/co-workers - with generoisty, helping when they needed help, keeping in contact/touch with them, and living life to the fullest as any good Aries does, me included, and he did, with travel, friends, his kids and so much more!


All of this was so healing but was all so very sad at the same time!  All the people who came helped my grandchildren see their Dad in a different way, and they too got up and spoke of him from their hearts, with honesty, and with love. Childhood friends, OMBAC friends and family, and even a co-worker of his flew in from Tennessee to honor him, funny stories of his adventures, funny recollections and sharings to help remember him and move through the grief we all felt.  Food, friends, family gathered all in one place just to honor him he would have loved it.


On the Sunday after scattering his ashes in the ocean I drove home with many thoughts of his life, his childhood, who he was, how he was, who he had become, how much he will be missed, many tears were falling and then I felt myself getting ill, started running horrible fevers, chills, aches, flu like symptoms, and have been sick for over a week, on antibiotics (Z-pack) and Mucinex to try to ease the symptoms,  started out with my homeopathic remedies in the beginning, lots of chicken soup, juice, and all the supportive things one has to do when this sick, but knew this was going to need more than just that this time. 





My granddaughter posted this to Face Book - my last swim with Dad after they had scattered his ashes and dove in to the water fully clothed to honor their dad.



Life is suppose to go on now, get back to "normal" but there is a piece missing,  a getting used to, that the phone will never again ring with "Hi Mom" nor another "Happy Mother's Day" along the way or one of his funny cards no more text messages with lots of little roses and funny faces. 


I have a beach to visit more often now, because both my parent's ashes were scattered there, on different Thanksgiving mornings years apart.... now my son...






My granddaughter, my son's best friend, my daughter and my grandson, all saying farewell, their personal good byes. 














NOTE:  I did not have a chance to draw the name of the lucky winner for a consult with me which took all the names of people who purchased products, I will be drawing that name and announce the winner on Halloween!  Trick or Treat!!!!






Happy Halloween


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