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Earth Song Ranch News Mid September 2015‏



It's Almost Fall Ya'll!


I keep hoping that fall is here, I keep hoping that we will finally cool down and that we will have cooler fall like days and really cool almost boardering on cold nights, but... instead we have had unbearable heat and the humidity to go with it as the el Nino approaches California.  But.... the weather report for next week is rain from Monday through Wednesday morning so there is hope! 


This past week we have had thunder storms in the afternoon's with some heavy, but quick, down pours, gusty winds, and there have been flash floods with mud flows on the roads in to town, even some good size hail came down one afternoon.


The Pacific Ocean water temperature has been in the 70's, fish that are rarely found off our Southern California coast have made their way north - fishermen have been catching tuna, yellow tail, even Marlin and Sword Fish off of Oceanside which I would see when I was still working at the Harbor - weather forecasters are saying that they feel we will have a "Godzilla" el Nino this coming all indications of their computer models..... that the drought may just be broken by the amount of rain we have the potential of receiving ... I have lived here in So Cal most of my life and I have seen three of these kinds of el Ninos' (1977, 1983/84, and 1998) and what they can do in the way of not only damage but filling up our dams, mud slides taking out peoples homes, flooding of dry stream and creek beds, and flooding our roads and highways.... we need the rain, but if it comes too soon and too much at one time most is lost in run off to the ocean...


As I have shared in the past few newsletters,  I have been preparing not only the ranch for winter with only the usual tractor work left to build berms and swales for drainage, but stocking in supplies for humans, pets and horses in the event we cannot get out for a few days to a week at a time, which can happen up here in the high desert.   Extra rice bran, hay pellets, oats, Nutra Flax and supplements for the horses;  dog and cat food for 7-10 days is stored in our emergency supply tubs, canned people food including soup, turkey chili, tea, coffee, tp and some staples along with stocking the freezer, so I am not caught off guard in the event of heavy down pours, flooding and more.  Propane tank for bar-b--que filled so that in the event of power outages I can still cook or boil water for tea.  


Those of you in the east and mid west who have rain and snow most winters probably think we are pretty funny out here in California having to prepare for the things you all take for granted!    We pay the "sunshine tax" to live out here, but when el Nino comes not many are prepared and wish they had been!



There have been many fires in California this year,  most in the northern part of the state but we in Southern Calfornia are still not out of danger, as we will have Santa Anna winds most typically in October and our fire danger will be high until we start getting the rains of late October in to early November when we will all give a sigh of relief... the above was last year near my daughter's home....











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News from the Ranch


These past two weeks I have been home on the ranch, I made the decision to leave my consulting position for a period of time, if not permenantly, due to many factors, one being I was no longer able to live my passion of helping others, blending herbs, et al in the way that I long to, and did not have the hours to devote to what really feeds my soul.  Couple that with a horrid daily commute, and a hostile work environment along with the untimely loss of my son helped me to come to that decision..... that life is too short.


What I realized was the burn out of trying to juggle a 3 hour daily commute, with being gone from the ranch for 11 hours per day, trying to maintain my business, take care of my horses and do all the necessary chores of the ranch as well as maintain my health and my sanity!!!  Does not work well for most, and I had come to that point that I needed to make the change, the project was done any way, and all that was left was the close out and the last of the paper work which someone else was capable of doing.


Not sure where all this will take me, I have to trust intuition and timing, but knowing I have spent the last two weeks sleeping 8-10 hours per night and taking daily 4 hour naps, which is not like me at all,  tells me just how burnt out my body and soul were.


There will be other consulting opp's for me in the future, as I am good at what I do, two companies have already contacted me; my experience and skill sets are not easily found by agencies doing public works projects from freeway, bridges and rail road projects in one person, when I so choose to go back to work, probably not until sometime next year or after el Nino has come and gone, there will be other work for me, when I am no so burnt out and exhausted.









Specials now and upcoming......


EQUINE-ZYME ---- From September 12th through September 21st  - Equine Zyme will be 5% off using Coupon Code EZ5, for any size.  This product always has FREE SHIPPING and is packaged fresh, it is time to start thinking about improving your horses digestion and boosting his/her immune health as we head in to the cool fall months or if you start to stable your horses.


SENIOR ZYME ---- One of my herb orders just arrived this week and I am blending the herbs for Senior-Zyme this coming week.  Since fall is almost on us, and winter right behind, this blend is one of our more favorites out there for the senior horse, with herbs that help easy inflammation and also the aches and pains that come with the onset of cold weather.  It now contains more Tumeric and we are offering it at 15% off from September 22nd to the 30th.  Use Coupon Code SZ15 for your discount!



WINTER STABLE BLEND---- I have just this week placed my new herb order and it includes the cut and sifted herbs for the ever so popular Winter Stable Blend --- it should be available by October 1st and will have it on sale for the first part of October. This is a blend of herbs that many use for hay toppers or for mixing in bucket feed, it contains herbs known in Chinese medicine to be "warming herbs" including peppermint, ginger, cinnamon and licorice root to soothe the tummy!   I have an article coming out in the next edition of Equine Wellness about warming herbs for winter!  Although I make a big batch, many times, we often sell out in the first month or if there is any cold weather in the country, so be looking for the coupon the 1st of October.



HERBAL WORMER ----  For October I will be offering the extra strength herbal wormer with more Worm Wood, Pau de Arco, and Olive Leaf, which are some of the anti parasitic herbs in this blend.   Please everyone get your fecal's done so you know if y ou are dealing with any issues after your horses have been out for the spring and summer as we now go in to the fall months where Strongyles can encyst and cause damage to your horses intestinal tract and case none specific colic too!  



I will be writing a new article for the Spring Edition of Natural Horse Magazine on Parasite Prevention vs De-Worming -- if you are not already a subscriber please be sure to subscribe, it is a magazine I have been writing for now for 15 years!  here is a link:










This is so true for me, for my present time, for my heart that aches for my son who passed so unexpectedly on August 18th, for the unexpected tears at times that just flow as those moments in time seep up in to my memory as I go about my daily routines.  


I have so so many "happy moments" that I am remembering, so many treasured adventures that involved both my children as they navigated childhood, teenage years in to their adult years with their own families.  So many days at the beach, the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, the cabin in Julian, the trips to Mt Shasta, all of the adventures we had together, the laughter, the joy and the Christmas mornings, the Easter's, special Sunday breakfasts.....  Brent was my first, so he was the one I practiced on....


In this life to have been blessed with two children, a son and a daughter, was truly one of my greatest blessings and proudest accomplishments for who they both were/are and became, as well as what they contributed to life on this planet and its people, just as I had in my career working in recycling and energy recovery at the ages they were/are now.  My daughter works in alternative energy (solar and wind power ~ large farms) my son was in medical sales, selling a syringe that protected doctors and nurses as they cared for patients whose needle retracted into itself.  


When we choose to become parents it is one of the toughest jobs one can undetake,  I took it on at a young age, there are no instruction manuels, no right or wrong ways to parent, each are so different, we have to use common sense and intuition along the way to guide them to adult hood and to help them make decisions in their lives that help them on their journey on this planet, as well as to set an example for them that often times spoke louder than words.  


Thank you everyone for sending prayers, energy, loving kindness, FB PM's, calls, sypathy cards, Home Depot cards in lieu of flowers so I can plant some fruit trees in the spring for Brent's birthday & a rose bush or two; for all of the donation to the Go Fund Me Account otherwise we would as a family have had a very hard time with the unexpected expenses of Brent's untimely death.


My son lived his life to the fullest, he loved the sports he was involved with, he fished, he bowled, he biked, he snow skiied, he played his favorite Over the Line and he loved.... he loved his kids, his sister, his fiance, and me! 


Below, these are my children, Allison and Brent and Brent's two children, my grandkids, Brittany and Bryce, taken 8 or 9 years ago, the photo may be a bit faded but the love we all feel for one another will never fade --- these days I feel my son all around, sometimes I feel his arm around my shoulder like he used to do, and I know he is only a breath away... and when it is my turn to go, he will be there to take my hand as I cross the rainbow bridge in to my journey in time, along with my parents .... Namaste Brent....  we will be holding Brent's Celebration of Life in San Diego on October 3rd at Fiesta Island,  and then the family will scatter his ashes on October 4th at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, CA to bring closure to this time in our lives, so that we all may continue in our own grief and healing.





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