Happy November



 November is here....


"Over the river and through to woods" to gratitude we should go, the horse knows the way.......


November begins by bringing on the cool fall weather, it is a marker of time when we review our year,  release all, good, bad or otherwise to clear for the Winter Solstice and the New Year coming. It is a time to reflect, to count the blessings that we each have large or small.  When we spend time in an attitude of gratitude, whatever we are grateful for will bring more of those same blessings back to us.



We all know that the holidays are so much more comercialized than ever before, with Walmart and Home Depot putting up Christmas decorations and things to sell the end of September, we don't even get to Halloween, nor have Turkey before it all begins.... just not like when we were kids.  Now the hustle, stress and bussle begins for the many, wrapping paper, ornaments, gifts, parties and an extra 10#'s are what many have to look forward to --- it gets to a point where it isn't even fun, and people shopping are grumpy beyond belief!


My thoughts especially this November turn to family, my children past and present, to what is the meaning of Thanksgiving other then "stuffing" ourselves on holiday food and drink.  What did it used to mean, what did it used to feel like, what did it feel like growing up and what has it become?  As you can imagine they will also turn to my son, to his children and to all of the Thanksgivings past that he was part of in our lives.  It is not easy losing any family memeber, but to have lost a child is the absolute worst, and this will be the first Thanksgiving for his family without him.


I remember what it felt like to be a teenager helping my mom prepare some of the dishes, I remember how it felt to be a young mom preparing for family to come, having the kids help to chop and prepare the food having family around the table sharing family memories and stories of all the Thanksgivings past. I know how it felt to have three generations sharing the Thanksgiving table, telling tales of Thanksgivings past.  I am so blessed to have all these memories.


At my house/ranch we will gather, my daughter and her family, one of her friends, my friend Kate and we all help to cook, put out the food, we will enjoy some unusual and very California foods in a non-traditional way - we will eat, and laugh, and make new memories!


November is also a time when the weather really does change, it is colder, it is sometimes dreary beyond belief, we have had the first frost, the nights have become chilly,  the wood burning stove will warm the house. 


Just as all the plants and bulbs go to sleep for the winter building up their energy for spring color and bloom, so should we become more introspective, go inward and find what we are needing in our lives to burst forth!














Seasons from the Unity Daily Word


I embrace the present moment. Rather than dwell on another time, past or future, I revel in the magnificent power of the Holy Presence that is eternally in season.

I may favor a particular season over others. I might prefer the stillness of winter to the warmth of summer or the freshness of spring to the crispness of autumn. All seasons have their precious qualities. Even if I enjoy one season more than another, I never hurry away the present moment.


This autumn day is a gift from Spirit, and I cherish every minute of it. I am awake and alive as I breathe in this sacred gift.

Equine Nutrition and

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The Thrifty Horse


News from the Barn



Equine Nutrition and So Much More!


I have been taking the Youngevity Healthy Body Challenge now for a couple of months, yes it is available on the web site,  and I feel so much more energetic, alive and well, there have been a few days I have missed but I keep going and I feel a sense of wellness and well being that I have not felt for some time --- Youngevity is now offering an organic mineral for our horses sold in 4.5# and 40# bags --- 


Joe Camp is trying it out on his horses and I will let you know how his horses do on the organic minerals --- I really believe in these products for humans and have to feel that what they are now offering for horses has to be equally as wonderful!  Click on the link above and check out the products - I love the Tangy Tangerine mixed in orange juice the best!!!!!









Thrifty Horse


As we go in to the colder months, I always encourage my customers to have several herbs on hand just in case, but also some essential oils, especially a peppermint essential oil.  Some of those herbs to keep on hand are Peppermint Leaf, Ginger Root, Rosemary, Meadow Sweet and White Willow Bark Powder.  The Peppermint and Ginger Root are for horses who may have digestive upsets from the cold, you can put the powder mixed in bucket feed, or if the leaf, or cut and sifted make them in to teas and pour warm over bucket feed.  White Willow Bark & Meadow Sweet is for those who may feel achy due to the cold, also some added MSM.  Rosemary is antibacterial and antiviral and I use it for runny noses. 


There are so many herb companies out there these days, and I use a number of them for my products, as most herbs come from around the world and are not grown in the USA for the most part.  I do have two herb companies I use out of Oregon one for herbs they grow on their farm and the other for their offerings of organic which are Mountain Rose Herbs which I link to in my store and Pacific Botanicals a small organic farm but there are minimum orders with them.








Sale Items through Mid November (11/15/15): (click on the underlined links )

Winter Stable Blend we have already sold out on one batch and are blending another - please take 10% off with coupon code WSB.


Herbal Wormer -- Anyone need some Herbal Wormer?  How about taking 10% off what with coupon code HW!  If you get your order in before noon Pacific Time Nov.13th  I will ship on Monday the 16th and you should have for the full moon cycle beginning on the 23rd!


Senior Zyme --- for those of you in cold places this will help your Senior Horse feel more comfortable in the cold winter months, with a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs, warming herbs and a few more for tummy's as well. Use coupon code SZ10 for 10% off


In December I will again run some sort of free shipping on Earth Song Ranch Products to thank everyone for their business this past year, so be looking for it! It will be mid month as usual and run through the end of the year, on orders over $50 or more.  There were issues with the web site last year so hope we have it worked out now!









News from the Barn -


The last of my bulbs have been transplanted, there are still some bushes to tie up and trim, berry bushes to trim and tie up to the fence, manure is being spread to be tilled in to the soil in the next few weeks after a good rain;  we have had a couple of frosts that made the peach trees drop their leaves instantly and froze my roses that were blooming - it was time to turn off the timer for the lawn sprinkler and the drip on the lavender, rosemary and lettuce rose bushes up by the house.



The mini girls have grown thick long coats in preparation for this winter coming - and the horses have had on medium weight blankets on the coldest frostiest nights. 


Finally I have had a couple fires in the wood burning stove and am so glad I bought my winter wood early as it has seasoned perfectly!


I have been preparing my menu for Thanksgiving and we are going to cook the traditional Turkey with cornbread stuffing, a pumpkin pie but all else will be new and interesting! 


Tegan turns 2 on the 11th and Tilley will be one in February, she was such a great addition to our puppy pal "herd" she is beautiful, sweet and kind and gives the boys a run for their money while she harasses Tess who is her best friend and buddy.



Richest Belssings Everyone as We Move in to This Holiday Season!







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