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Earth Song Ranch September 2015 News‏

September, 01, 2015



Well ..... it's almost here... was hoping it was here....any way.....


I was so hoping that when I woke up this morning Fall would have been here by now, but.... not here yet, although the night was cool enough for a blanket to cover up with after weeks of oppressive heat and high humidity....


I have grown to love fall, the leaves turing, turtle necks, sweaters, boots and long sleeves....Crock pot meals simmering all day, the chance of putting a fire in the wood stove, preparing the land and all the plants for the winter to come. 


This year, towards the end of the year, I have an expert coming to prune my roses and other plants,  to show me the way, he was the care taker of the famous San Diego Balboa Park Rose Gardens now retired and just so happens to live in my neighborhood - I am so blessed!  I inherited the green thumb of my Mom and Aunt Ena and my Granda Mac, but do not have the fine skills of "pruning" down yet.... I will be in search of a special fruit tree or rose bush for my son to enjoy over the years, along with the ones I have planted for my Mom and Destinee Rose. 


I am so saddened to see the sun setting earlier and earlier each day, I love being able to be out late and have light in to the evening hours.  Now that I am only working from home it will be ok and I will go out earlier to feed and tend my horses - and the sun is coming up later too.... 


The new moon of the 12th is a moon of high octane infusion of energies propelling us out of our routines in to a life where ritual will become the magic rather then the mundane or the drudgery; then for a week after planetary forces feel like a whirlwind of confusion and conflictig impulses a a laser beam from Pluto shoots transformative power in to our psyche - stay centered and do not pull the trigger on any important decisions until it has settled..... (from planetary illuminations)


The Autumnal Equinox is coming where day and night will be equal ... on September 23rd this year, a time to meditate and embrace the marking of yet another change of the seasons,with the full moon following on September 27th.









Thank you all ... from a Mother's Broken Heart



Brent Richard Thornton March 22, 1971 to August 18, 2015


There are no words that can lift one up when a child has been torn from you unexpectedly, no words to be shared or spoken that can ease the grief when life has changed in a heart beat, in just that one moment in time, in just that instant nothing will ever be the same again.  Nor does anyone really know what to say in a situation such as this; many are uncomfortable with death or if someone cries or is in the throws of such emotional pain & grief, many hesitate to reach out, afraid in some ways that it too may touch them or it will also affect them emotionally on some level they would rather not be touched in the moment.  


I for one admit, when it happened in our family years ago, I didn't know what to say when I had two different cousin's pass away unexpectedly  years apart, to my own Aunt's, who both lost a son.  To my Aunt Ena I remember saying as I hugged her close so she could cry "I cannot imagine how this must feel" now I know......


When people have said "if there is anything I can do for you please let me know" and my response to all has been "call your son, tell him you love him, call your children tell them you love them, because you do not know when that will be the last time you can ..."  


For some it is hard to reach out because there is the initial shock from the news, then a loss for words, not knowing, for those of you who e-mailed, posted on Face Book, and sent other private messages, it is what helped me, especially, to get through this shock of the loss of my son... of the loss of a father, brother, and a fiance, so I could do my best to stand strong as the matriarch of the family helping them to navigate their own grief and loss as I navigated my own. 


For those who did not know what to say it is ok, I understand,  I felt everyone's support as well as care and concern energetically, even from long distance, from around the world from other family memebers too.  


Death is but a part of all of our journey's on this earth, we just do not expect to lose our children, especially not a son who was so athletic and had just had a physical and was told he was in great health, then to have a heart attack hit.  Part of our journey is to love deeply and when we lose someone, especially a child, even if they are an adult, we hurt deeply because we have loved and are loved.


We will celebrate my son, Brent's life, in San Diego on October 3rd at his beloved Fiesta Island where he played his favorite sport "Over the Line" invented of course in San Diego, which is on the beach it is three man base ball.  His childhood friends, OMBAC Members, and family will all be there, in my heart I know he will be in attendance in spirit as well.  Our family will join on Sunday the 4th of October at Ponto beach to spread Brent's ashes where they will join the ashes of my parents, his grandparent's who loved him so much and who took each of his hands and lead him over the Rainbow Bridge.




Thank you everyone for your generosity of spirit in reaching out in the ways that you all could and did at this time of my life.  Life is too short, it passes so quickly, as of yesterday I made the decision to leave my consulting job, that had become a hostile work environment caused by one person, my life has more meaning than that project, that job, and I will go on to other consulting jobs and have the time right now to focus on Earth Song Ranch in the mean time.




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