April 2016 News from Earth Song Ranch

Happy April 2016!




Spring is truly here, and if April showers bring May flowers then we should have a bumper crop with the rain we have had just this weekend alone!  All my daffodils have bloomed, the tulips have just started and my jonquils are also in bloom by the front door, the Iris are showing the flower heads coming us as our weather is warming.  I have planted over 500 bulbs in the almost four years I have been here... with some rare Iris bulbs shipping from Michigan soon which were ordered last year!


The end of March were birthday's and Easter, the first week of April was one of family joining together,  coming in from Hawaii and Wisconsin, a time for talking, sharing, opening and healing ... it was joyful, tearful and full of love.  A wish, hope and dream come true for me in so many ways, a family coming together, not in grief but in love, laughter and kindness, cooking and having fun!


The house still feels full of love even though a bit empty on everyone's leaving.... so if you were all wondering why I had not sent out the newsletter, that is why!







Kind of like the "Capital One" commercial -  "What's in your wallet" - "What's in your horses bucket" - do you know what you are feeding your horses when you feed them commercial concentrated bag feed?  These feeds are manufatured not so much by horse people but by big corporations with the bottom line being their first goal! 


So many horses are getting GMO soy or the bi-products from that as well as wheat middlings, and un-natural chemical ladened feed, have you done your research?  Yes they may like it, it might taste good to them, it might make you feel better that it says it is "low starch" but what is it doing to your horse?  What is really in it and what is it doing to your horse(s).


Have you read your labels, have you researched natural vitamins as opposed to their chemical counter parts?  Have you read up on the chemicals that are listed on the labels?  Do you know which is more absorbable magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide?  The list goes on and on!


Did you know that there is soy in the vitamin E you are feeding your horses?  Or that all soy is now GMO in this country?


If you have a metabolic or a Cushing's horse it is also causing inflamation in the body including and up to laminitis, cresty necks, swollen sheaths and is not helping even though it may be low starch low NSC, it is coming at a high price to your horses health!


Maybe this spring it is time to make a change in how you feed your horses - it might even save you money, and it might even help your horses to become healthier!  Go more natural and save money too!


I offer a 15 mnute consultation on my web site for $25 which is really a 1/2 hour, because I have you email me what you are feeding your horse (hay, bag feed, supplements, treats whatever they get), I review it all, if I do not know the feed or the manufacturer I research it/them and then can make recommendations or suggestions - but not only that, if you purchase the consultation, and you end up purchasing $75 or more in products from my site, I then refund you the $25 consultation fee!  This $25 off on products also is good on any other consultation time selected ie. half hour or hour.


Maybe it is time to review what you are feeding for the health of your horse.


Here is the link to the consultation:   Consultations





PRE-Cushings/Cushings --


As you may have read in recent newsletters, I am on a radio show out of Ocala, Fl a couple Saturday's per month -- NBC Sports Horse Talk, and I have posted on Face Book too about the host of the show's horse Sunny --- when Louisa emailed me for help with Sunny, I had her do what I do in consultations - we went over his feed, changed that especially the bag feed,  she stopped feeding her bag feed and in its place she was feeding 1c of Crypto Aero a whole food for horses, we added more Kelp, Cushings/IR/Metabolic Support Herbs, the Chaste Tree Berry Tea (just like Evitex but you make it fresh and a fraction of the cost) - added Equine Zyme to it all along with a DAC joint supplement and in less than 4 months Sunny's ACHT went from an extreme high of 293 to a low 27, 35 and above is considered Pre- or Full Blown Cushings!  


This time of year is when many people start to realize that they may be dealing with a pre-cushings or cushings issue when their horses coats turn dull and dry, especially on the neck, they are not shedding like the other horses at the barn, boarding stable, or at home. 


Because there has become more of a demand for more natural ways to treat pre-cushings and cushings horses, and I have helped many of these horses over the years in the same way with the same results for the most part if the owner's change the concentrated bag feed for either Crypto Aero or soaked hay pellets, that I am offering "A Cushings" kit which has 60 days of herbs, tea, kelp and Equine Zyme, along with a 15 minute consultation at a $45 savings if purchased separately and with free shipping.  It also makes it easier on the owner's too as you can just go to one place on the web site and order all that you need, not having to bounce around in the store.


Here is the link to the Cushings/IR/Metabolic Kit:  Cush Kit




The selection, as well as the amount of these herbs in the Cushings/IR/Metabolic herbal support, coupled with figuring out how to make "Evitex" fresh with organic Chaste Tree Berries took a couple years, and I worked with a couple of holistic vets and a lot of horses since 1998 which showed us how it all worked synergistically and helped them, along with organic kelp and the Equine Zyme! 


We have not changed the formula in years once we had the winning combo and have helped a few hundred horses more naturally - we are also now experimenting with using the tea, kelp, and putting the herbs in capsules for dogs who are now also coming up with Cushings! 



There are a lot of "pre/pro-biotics on the market these days but none that I know of that combines horse friendly digestive enzyme in the appropriate amounts in each scoop to help your horse absorb and digest their feed stuffs, along with the supplements you feed, in the way Equine-Zyme does. 



For those of you with puppy pals --- did you know we have an awesome joing support?  It is  Canine Joint Juice!  That is my Border Collie Tucker on the label and in the photo above!


We carry a line of dehydrated Grandma Lucy's Dog food which we feed our 4 dogs, we carry Horse Tech Product for Canine's as well, along with our Canine Wellness Formul with flax, kelp, vitamin C, probiotics and digestive enzyme and we also carry a line of Nosodes for Dogs and Cats which are homeopathic immunizations as opposed to vaccinations - come check out our dog section by clicking on this link:  Dogs





Herbal Wormer --- 


The full moon cycle for April is the 20th to the 24th  --- do you have enough Herbal Wormer to do your horses?  If your order is received between April 11th and 15th we can ship in time for you to receive it for this full moon, excluding Canadian orders which take longer in shipping!




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