Earth Song Ranch Newsletter August 2016


Summer Time - And the living is easy....

or so the old song said .... and for many of  us growing up it used to be so easy!


I remember late summer days, always in August, camping up in Oregon and Northern California, lakes, streams, picking wild black berries for breakfast, fresh caught smoked salmon on the beach from a vendor, hiking, exploring, water skiiing and fishing, all the while missing our Pacific Ocean back yard hwere we would be swimming, surfing or skim boarding, dark summer tans helped along with baby oil and iodine; funny how we/I really do treasure the times of childhood when we get taken back to those fleeting moments in time, allowing ourselves the luxury to go back in time, not only the sense of it, sometimes the way the air feels, or a certain smell or even a photo will instantly transport us to another place,  which is what this photo above did for me - the memories, the fond times of family together on adventures, exploring the world of ours through nature, what a gift that was.


As I have shared many times in past years, the summers we had as kids were incredible, a gift from parents who worked hard to give us an incredible journey, we had the ocean as our back yard and every year we had a family vacation where we would put the camper on the truck, hook up the boat and just take off mostly for points unknown, no reservations, just trusting the process and where we would end up for the most part, totally self contained, totally perfect and no map or compass .... just wild hearts up for the adventure  wherever we would end up; meeting new friends along the way along the coast of Oregon, the Sierra's, or Yosemite, Mt Shasta, and never knowing what each day would hold in the way of newness, a rain shower, a hike in the woods, a fish caught for dinner, no agenda, no time clock, nothing to do except just be ... never knowing or caring how each day would start or end, just knowing it would be an adventure of some sort, in some way, knowing too there would be stars above, a camp fire at night, baked beans or a vegetable rich stew, smores and marshmellows, and people gathered telling stories, playing guitar and singing.


Each day we spent at the beach was also one of never knowing what would show up or appear, each day the ocean is so different, none ever the same, no wave the same, no life ever the same.... it just keeps moving.... shells appear, tide pools open, and things are swept away with the tides .....








Summer Reflections and Life ---


I have spent a lot of time this summer reflecting, time alone remembering, along with more tears brought on with the loss of a cousin on June 2nd, and the loss of a brother on July 7th, as well as the one year anniversary of my son's death coming this month;  parts of childhood, my son's childhood, being his Mom, parts of growing up myself my childhood with cousins and brothers, parts of life, all a part of the tapestry of the life I have lived; searching in the archives for the fun memories of those childhood days, remembering a kinder time, a time with no cares or worries, a time of laughter, or getting in to trouble as the case might have been, learing how to swim against the tides or with them metaphorically or navigating the rip tides/currents that would often pull us out; navigating nature and returning to shore once again, our safe place, our haven.  Swimming with dolphins, having them brush against our legs as we sat on our surfboards waiting for the next wave... the magic of it all, for that and more I am so grateful....


We had nature, the mountains, the ranch and the ocean as our canvas for exploring who we were, or were to become, which lead us to who we all became, family nonetheless but all so different on such different roads or paths... all individual, all interesting, not a dull one amoung us to tell you the truth... not ever!


My grandfather used to say "...don't wish your life away..."  when we were kids wanting to be out of school, wanting our drivers licenses, wanting our "freedoms" and not realizing the freedom we truly had in those moments of summer days; he would say how fast life goes by, and I/we didn't believe him, not until recently - not until all the loss our family has experienced in less than a year's time, and not until I really looked at how much time has pasted in my life, how many years have gone by now,  with fewer years to look forward to in the next part of this life, who knows maybe 30 more yet to live. 


Somewhere along the way one expects to loose grandparents, great aunts and uncles, but not the younger generation or the same generation I find myself in, that was suppose to be somewhere else down the timeline, not now, not this soon, not ever with my son I was suppose to pre-decease him, he had so much life left to live I thought.... so much left unsaid or unspoken.... so many things left to do and be... including being a grandpa himself....


Looking out from this body as I do now, I do not really "feel" my age like some of my friends now do, but looking at the mirror there is evidence reflected back at me that I am in deed aging, there are some wrinkles, there is gray hair, but being so able living life still so very actively, healthfully, capable, zen mucking, unloading bales of hay & 50# bags of feed, training horses and living the life I was always meant to live, not a couch potato; living with horses, along with all the physical work that means and high energy herding dogs ~ studying daily  mostly passively, if even not knowing it, living in my metaphysical beliefs from working in the dirt growing my gardens, my flowers,  to talking to my horses on their level connecting to all on planet earth... life is good, although a bit more empty with my son, my cousin Dale, and my brother John no longer on it, or in it.... no longer in physical form - but never forgotten, there are blank spots now where there once was color ... the memories are something that cannot be taken away... the experiences with all of them a part of who I am forever ... the below are the spirits of childhoods past... in all their glitter and form...







Time to look at Fall and Winter Nutrition:



Right now is the time to take a good look at all your horses and do a body condition score; does anyone need to put a bit of weight on their horse for the coming cold months (I know I do for Echo and have her on a program and she is gaining nicely), how is the top line looking? 


How are your horses feet looking?  


Is there something missing in your horses diet?  Do you need to supplement vitamins and minerals? 


Do you need something more for hoof health?  Omega's or more?  Natural fatty acids?


Is your horse showing a nice bloom in his coat and body?  Or is his/her coat dull or lacking the luster you would expect?


End of August in to Mid September is time to do fecals so that you know if you might be dealing with any parasite issues before we hit the cold weather months.   It is also time to take a good look at your horses because this is the time of year that a cortisol release may happen because there is an onset of Pre-Cushings or Cushings that may show up as a bout of laminitis.


One of the products we have that you might want to consider is a Custom blend by Horse Tech for Earth Song Ranch, combining High Point Vitamin and Minerals for Grass Hay with BioFlax with added biotin, copper and zinc in a base of flax meal for better hoof health all in one product!  Check it out Custom Blend.  We should have the guaranteed analysis up for that blend this week some time, but in the mean time you can go to High Point and see the analysis and to BioFlax and see that analysis too - two great products in one scoop!



Bag Feed and Your Horses Health -


I am getting so many emails and phone calls about horses not doing well on the concentrated/pelleted feeds, that I have lost count now, especially those that are labeled low NSC and Low Starch formulas, or that have coconut meal in them  -- have you read the labels?  Do you know what you are feeding your horse in the way of bi products, GMO's and chemicals?  They may be cheap and easy to feed and the manufacturer's may have convinced you this is the way to go but what are they doing to your horses health???  Have you ever considered how the manufacturer's put so much in to such a tiny pellet?  How could they? 


Isn't it time that everyone step back and regroup as to what your horses really need and should be fed?  I for one feed soaked hay pellets with their custom vitamin mineral supplements blended in along with Nutra Flax or Bio Flax, and a cup of whole oats in their morning bucket; at night my horses get Cryptpo Aero as a topper to their soaked hay pellets, it is a whole and organic horse food.  No GMO, Soy, Wheat or other un-natural ingredients!  


I would rather see you feed your horses Nutra Flax, Whole Recleaned Oats and a couple table spoons of Chia seeds then all the bag feeds in the world..... especially if you cannot yet get Crypto Aero in your area of the country!








August 7th to August 13 - 10% off Herbal Wormer .... the full moon is the 20th - if you order during this special you will have it in time for this full moon coming!   Use coupon code WORMER for the discount! 



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