December 1, 2016


It is here ~ the Holiday's and all that they mean to so many, all the traditions of each family unique in their own ways of being or from maybe country of origin; the food, the ambiance, the smells, memories of holidays past, the feel, family, friends, neighbors all together to celebrate the feel of the season, having friends and neighbors drop by, it is not about the material gifts but what you can give from your heart!






Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere falls on December 21, 2016 and the Sun will enter the Sign of Capricorn at 2:44 am Pacific Time. It will be the shortest Day and longest Night of the Year. Symbolically, this time of year is about self-reflection, karmic lessons, giving back, and tying off loose ends. 2016 is a “9” year in Numerology, which emphasizes the ending of a major spiritual cycle, both personally, and for humankind. 2017 will be a “1” year, representing “new, uncharted territory” and exploration. People will not want to be passive about their views during a “1” cycle, that’s for sure! (Victoria Bearden, Astrologer)




It is my daughter's birthday today ... so I celebrate her here....


She was born on a Sunday, at 9:29 1/2 am under the full moon--- A "Sag",  a fire sign woman to be, a 9# 4 oz bundle of joy welcomed in to the family who gathered at the hospital for her birth, she made her entrance in to the world before the doctor arrived, she and I and the nurse, she does it her way, in her own timing still and she has been a wise old soul since, and all through her life. 


We used to have a 1/2 birthday party for her in June and then her regular birthday so she would not feel left out being a December baby! 


I admit as a single parent raising two fire sign kids she was a bit of a challenge at times, especially in teen years, and in many ways she is so like me, not sure she sees it or knows it consiously, I didn't see how like my Mom I was until she was no longer here and acknowlegde it now. 


Allison works in the alternative energy field (wind, solar, bio mass et al) as I did at the same age and has the same quick legal mind as me especially in contracts and environmental permitting!  She is also her own person in so many ways, kind, loving, giving, a hard worker, she so loved her Grandma and had a very special bond with her; loved her brother even though they would often get mad at one another especially during football season, she is the ultimate Charger fan, he was the Raider fan.


Can you tell I am proud of her, of who she became and grew up to be.  She has a really good marriage and a wonderful husband who is her partner ~ an incredible career, she loves her fur kids, her step son Orion, and her friends.


What more could a single parent have asked for in life, but to know they did a great job raising their kids to be great adults?


Happy Birthday Allison, Love Mom!






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