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February 2016



Getting Closer - Day Light Savings on the Way!


Have you noticed that the sun is setting later each night?  I have and that little extra time has meant more time with the horses and the mini's and getting chores done so I don't have them carry over to the next day....


With more daylight it means we have more time to do the things we love the most and get outside not only to our horses but have you started to plan your spring gardens?  How about doing a horse herb garden and let them pick what they need, do some lemon balm, peppermint, chammomile and maybe some lavendar for yourself to dry later and have in the house. 


Coloring Outside the Box



When i t comes to our horses health more and more people are thinking outside the box, doing blood titers instead of the automatic vaccines in the spring or using nosodes for immunization instead of vaccination;  doing fecal counts instead of just mindlessly using chemical worms every month to six weeks which may not be needed and may cause digestive upsets and more.


Veterinarian's make a lot of their money in the sping doing ranch calls and vaccines, and they deserve to make a living, but not at the cost of your horses getting laminitis, colic or having long term health issues from the carriers in thsoe vaccines -- time to Color Outside the Box when it comes to your horses health!

Rainbows & More




Equine Wellness Magazine and Dogs Naturally Magazine are two of the best for helping people with not only articles but also product advertisers who do things a bit more naturally and "whole-listically" when it comes to our animals family. 


If you are not a subscriber to either I would so recommend that you consider getting subscriptions especially if you are a horse or a dog owner - most horse owner's dogs but not all dog owner's have horses, and I have followed both of these magazines for years and subscribe myself! 


The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is your fur family members health, and being educated on the research and the issues!

Products and Specials ~


Earth Song Ranch has always done its best to keep our prices affordable, in so doing we have never skimped on herbs or other ingredients in our blends --- a couple of the blends I have offered for years are changing a bit as I will be using a yeast culture instead of Equine Zyme in the blend which will still give your horses the herbal advantage and the needed probiotics but not the digestive enzymes found in Equine Zyme.    We have also changed the name on two of the blends the Senior Zyme will now be called Senior Herbal Support and the Mare Zyme will now be called Happy Mare --- the same effective herbs as always, at afforadable prices still! 


Some how I ordered the herbs for the Senior Herbal Support twice, so have double the amount of the product on hand, so would love to offer the blend to all of you at 20% off until February 14th use coupon code SS20 for that great discount!


As it appears in some areas of the country that we may go in to an early spring after having a very cold winter it may be time for many of you to order "Happy Mare" --- I am offering this blend at 15% off until February 14th so that you can get your mare prepared for the coming spring!   Use coupon code Happy15


For the second half of February I will be offering Herbal Wormer at a discount as it will be time to start thinking of doing fecals and using it for the first full moon cycle of March!


Earth Song Ranch is sold out of Winter Blend at this time, however, if there is a need let me know and I would be willing to make one more batch --- I made 3 batches this year so there were a lot of happy horses out there this winter!  We also got an award for this blend from Equine Wellness Magazine! 



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