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Earth Song Ranch June 2016 Newsletter‏


Earth Song Ranch





Is it really summer.....

The official kick off to summer happened over Memorial Day Weekend, now we are already in to the "heat" which came out of no where it seemed.... we have more daylight hours, more time to spend outside and with our horses (playing with them or riding) doing more because we can and also more time to garden, or plant a vegetable or herb garden as the case may be.


Take the time to go walk on the beach, smell the ocean and listen to its waves, take a walk in the woods listen to nature that lives there.  Sit on your deck or patio and enjoy the sunsets. 




With all of the late hard frosts we have had, then the unseasonably hot start to June my fruit trees and roses are struggling... some of the other plants are doing ok, and I may have lost two of my fruit trees, my apricot and my Red Baron Peach - we also seem to have a bumper crop of squirrels and baby rabbits too which decided my rose bushes were just the thing to eat!  So roses and other vulnerable plant now have "cages" around them so they can get a head start!


I so enjoy the length of the days, the color of the sunsets this time of year, the feel to the air is different as well;  getting together with the neighbor ladies for an afternoon tea, a movie night and planning a horse clinic or two, a ride or two or three since we all have horses!


Friends and relatives planning visits - lots of things to do...It just feels like it will be a magical summer like no other....


One of my all time favorite shares below - I share this each summer to remind us to do some fun things, to do things that make us feel young and alive!










Time to color - sometimes outside the lines intead of inside them!


I have just recently gotten a couple of coloring books and a box of colored pencils and I forgot just how much I used to love to color and to paint as well.  If you haven't gotten in to this craze, do... you will find it so relaxing, and satisfying too!


It's Summer - Time to Play!



How long has it been since you have been to a park and then sat on a swing?  Walked around the/a lake - taken time to just be in nature, without the work, just being, just enjoying?






We are blending a new batch of Happy Horse Meadow Mix this week! 

We are also offering this blend in smaller sizes now because it is a treat and although it is sold by weight because it is cut and sifted herbs and flowers it goes a long way even by the hand full!

Use coupon code HH10 for 10% off from today until the 15th then you can click on this link to learn more about it:    Happy Horse Meadow Mix






The full moon for June is the 20th - so if you are in need it is time to order Herbal Wormer!  TAke 10% off your purchase by using coupon code HW10 good until the 13th of June so it will ship on time - we have not offered a discount on Herbal Wormer since December so come take us up on it - and click here to be taken to it: Herbal Wormer









Are there ever times you just want to jump off...... just take off?






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