Late July 2016 Earth Song Ranch Newsletter


Talking to Heaven or Maybe FB Messaging....
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could pick up the phone and call those we love who are on the other side?  I for one would love visiting hours .... especially on birthdays and special holidays...


Dr Getty ... after all these years now she is supporting colostrum for horses!!!!


I have been a proponent of feeding colostrum to horses for more than 18 years, many have poo poo'd it and have had colostrum in some of my blend for that long as well!  Had these discussions with Dr Getty over the years and now she came out as saying it is good for horses after all this time.  I can tell you that the company she is supporting does not have the best form of colostrum. 


Equine Zyme Plus still contains the same original colostrum I have always used, and I sell another colostrum through Smooth Run - if you go to this link then you can get it through me! Smooth Run


The Smooth Run Colostrum is very high potency and an excellent choice.



I have had several people email me today about Dr Getty and wanted to know if I still sold colostrum or put it in the products so there ya go!








Our family has suffered yet another loss, my brother John was found in his bed on the 8th of July --- didn't know he was being treated for a form of Leukemia, apparently he didn't want people to know.  I have been estranged from my two younger brother's for some time, however, when I saw John at my son's Celebration of Life last October I knew he was not well --- families sometimes cannot get along, sometimes over the stupidist things that they would forgive others for, but not their flesh and blood.  There is nothing in families beyond forgivness but their lives were so different then mine, they were all about making money and material possessions and not doing any inner growth work, nor taking care of themselves on all levels including health -- I love my brother's no matter what, and I realize we all have our own journey's along the path of this life, and even though we might have had the same genetic makeup we were/are so different!


My cousin Dale Hedges also passed away on June 2nd and we had a Celebration of life for him on July 23rd it was so good being around family from my Mom's side and sharing the memories only families can share, the ranch, childhood adventures and honoring the elders we still have my uncle and my aunt who are in their 80's and going strong.








Concentrated Bag Feed - Not your horses friend.....



This past 6 weeks I have had far too many calls about horses who are not looking good, not feeling well or have loose  manure and the owner's have "tried everything" they tell me, other peoples probiotics/probiotic blends, and no change --- ok the change is this --- STOP feeding the pelleted feeds especailly the low starch ones the Triple Crown ones put your horses on soaked hay pellets, add Equine Zyme and High Point for Grass Hay as the vitamin supplement and your horses will thrive! 


Pelleted feeds may be easier and less expensive for you as the owner but what about your horses health!  It is just not worth it, and while I am on it stop the chemical wormers unless they are necessary from havng a fecal done that shows a hugely high count! 


There are alternatives including our herbal wormer, it does not upset the microbial balance in your horses gut like the chemicals do!!



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