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It's really fall, ya'll!




The weather in our area has been extremely hot this summer, and it started really early making it a very long hot summer, and very humid, which was hard on my horses in many ways, from them not drinking enough water, to me having to hose them off a couple times per day in the worst of the heat.... making sure no one was getting dehydrated, adding Quench to their bucket feed to get them to drink more, adding bran too and soaking that well!  Giving them some summer fruits and veges cut up in their buckets a couple times per week also helped.... we have had our first two frosts already and time to review what I am feeding now for fall! 


Horses are starting to come in off of summer pasture, and from natural moisture in what they eat to low mositure when you are switiching to hay can cause a few digestive issues as you transition, so be mindful that you can either add a bit of salt to bucket feed which will encourage them to drink more or you can add soak beet pulp or soak some bran and add that as well! 


Now that we have just had the equinox and days will become shorter and shorter it is a time that some horses will show more signs of being pre-cushings, or even cushings, from sore feet, weird unexplained cases of laminitis, tufts of hair growing in to winter coats instead of even smooth growth and cresty necks could start!   Please keep an eye on your horses and give them a good over all check as we head in to the cooler months of fall before we are hit with winter. 


I start to change up some of my horses feed this time of year, making sure Echo, who is 22, is getting enough calories,  Jeep I do not have to be concerned with as he is a chow hound, but we have Hay Pillows so he has to work a bit for his hay, the mini's already have their coats growing in  and Annie Rose my senior mini needs a few more groceries too - Cheyanne is ok for now but I do keep an eye on her as it gets colder!


Would love to hear more about what you all do as you prepare for fall and winter, what changes you make, what tricks you put in place to make your life easier when the weather isn't!  Please email me and I may share some of your thoughts and your secrets in some up coming newsletters!


I would love to know if any of you have recipes for horse treats for the holidays, and what special things you do for your horses, like hang Christmas lights and stockings in the barn, would love ideas!


Please share at:


The winner of the Earth Song Ranch birthday drawing, for a stainless steel water bottle is Sara Beth Richardson from Tennessee --- she recently purchased Sunny's Kit for her Cushing's horse!  Congratulations Sara Beth!  I will be doing more of these and some coffee mugs as prizes for some contests coming up for the holidays!










For the last week of September, and until September 30th,  I am offering my Senior Blend for the older horses at 15% off, so that when the cold sets in you can add an herbal blend that will help ease their aches and pains due to the cold and damp.  There is white willow bark, tumeric, yarrow and yucca for that and to help their digestive tract peppermint leaf, to name just a few of the herbs in this great supportive blend, I know Echo looks forward to this tasty blend in her fall and winter buckets!  Use coupon code Senior for your 15% off!



It's the end of show season and is a great time to put your horse on Tummy Tamer to calm his digestive tract down from the stress of showing - so many horses do so well on this blend, and it is also a winter favorite for horses who have to be stalled due to bad weather --- take 10% off using coupon code TUMMY












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