March 2016 Earth Song Ranch Newsletter

The First Half and More of March!


At Earth Song Ranch it is Cheyanne Rose's birthday March 11th, my son would have had a birthday on March 22nd, and my birthday is on the 27th which happens to also be Easter Sunday!





Day Light Savings is March 13th so jump those clocks ahead -- yeah more time to play with the ponies!



March 17th is St Patty's day where everyone is Irish & you can feel the magic!



March 20th is the first official day of Spring!





March 27th is Easter!




Is Spring is really here?  Almost says the calendar..


Could we really be on the edge of springtime when the land will begin to awaken and your own energy will begin to soar sky high?


Are you also ready to get a bit of the Luck of the Irish sprinkled all over you?  I sure am!


Of course that last thing will take a good spring-cleaning even if you just give your windows (the 'eyes' of your living space) a good washing. But if you can clean out a closet or two and give some gently used clothes to people who can really use them - well - that will really put you on the lucky list to see some of the seeds that you have planted the last six months start to sprout and grow!


I have been gardening for the past month, as our weather has been very warm out here in sunny So Cal --- have not planted any vege's because over the years we have all learned that until it is Mother's Day Weekend we are not out of the woods when it comes to frost!  It has been the hottest February on record, but... a storm is coming in over the weekend so temps will be dropping and we will have rain!


I replaced one of the red bartlet pear trees with a 3 way Aisan pear - meaning there are three types of pears grafted on the tree - I also just planted a Red Baron peach which is suppose to be spectacular, and for my son's birthday, which on the year he was born was the first day of spring, I am planting two "4 - way apple trees", the trees each have golden and red delicious, granny smith and Macintosh on them.


My bulbs have been blooming already, especially the  early daffodils with their happy little yellow faces, I had planted some rare daffodils too and they are blooming around my roses.  And speaking of roses, for those of you who know or have been to Balboa Park in San Diego in the gardens there are 2,500 rose bushes, and one of my neighbors was the curator of those roses over the years, now retired, he came this year and pruned most of my rose bushes and taught me a few things on pruning, so am sure this year my bushes will be incredible as they are already leafing out!


I have been rebranding some of my products with new names as some of you have realized - Mare Zyme is now Happy Mare - Cushings Zyme is Cushings/Ir/Metabolic Support.... and have added a few new herbal blends to the line up


Herbal Wormer is still one of our best sellers and the full moon in March is the 23rd - so if you want wormer in time please order by no later than the 14th of the month!!  Be looking for the new article on Herbal Wormer in Natural Horse Magazine in the next edition, and it will be posted on our website in the next few days when it becomes available!






It is also time to start thinking about Buggzo --- I will have it on special the second half of March - stop the bugs before they bite!   Get it in their system so that the bugs are repelled!





Spring Specials:


Happy Mare - Have already gotten a land slide of orders for this ever popular blend that helps to ease the mares in to the Spring and their heat cycles.  Have already sold out one entire batch and have ordered more herbs, so from March 1 to March 7th take 15% off using coupon code "Happy"




Happy Horse Meadow Mix -  This is such a cheery blend, used as a hay topper, mixed in feed to encourage your horses to eat bucket feed or if you want to hide med's this is a good blend to do it - lots of great herbs including roses, calendula, yarrow, peppermint, et al in cut and sifter form.  Take 15% off from March 8th to 13th using coupon code "Horse"




Senior Support -- I so love the senior horses and this blend is just for them, to help with many of the issues that senior horses can have including stiffness, tummy trouble, aches and pains, and so much more - take 15% off using coupon code "Senior" - from March 1st to the 15th












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