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Are You Using All the Colors in Your Box.....

I just bought myself my first adult coloring book, and I love just sitting for a little while and doing something other than running through my head what else needs to be accomplished in a day.  I got my color book from Staples and the pencils too, if you have not tried it I would love to encourage you to get one and spend time with the colors in the box!

- Do you feed concentrated bag feed?


- Do you use Smart Pak for convience?


- Do you get blood titers done on your horse before you would ever consider doing another vaccine?


-Is your horse prone to abscesses?


- Do you feed beet pulp?


- Do you have fecals done instead of just chemically worming because everyone else is?


- How does your horse look to you, ie coat shine, feet healthy no lines?


- How does your horses manure look?  Dry, too wet or normal?


- Have you read the labels on what you feed your horse?

The Questions Above ....


I am getting so many calls and consultations on horses who are just not well, or horses who are not recovering from illnesses/dis-eases such at Cushings, EPM and Lymes, too many hoof issues, including laminitis, who with the best of treatments are no better at the end of treatment then they were when they began.  The question I ask is "Are you feeding bag feed/grain?"  most, if not all, respond with Yes -  once off the bag feed, including  Cool Stance, the horses start to improve. Do you know what is in your "Smart Pak" ingredient wise?


I am so on a mission these days, all of the chemical ingredient and bi-products are causing our horses to loose their vitality, their ability to heal, their immune health compromised and are filling them with things that cause over all body inflammation and ill-health.... all of the over vaccination and the chemical worming are also causing ill health in our equine friends and family members!


Please read the labels on your bag feed and ask yourself what am I feeding my horses?  Is it enhancing his health or is it harming his/her health....



Concentrated bag feed, GMO beet pulp, and your horses health.... Nutrition v.s. medicine and soap box.


What is happening to bring down our horses health and their immune system is that the soy hulls, the wheat middlings, gmo beet pulp (also a bi product) and the chemical things you cannot pronounce in your horses bag feed are for the most part filled with unnatural chemicals, and GMO - genetically modified organizims, made to withstand the Round Up that is sprayed heavily on these crops --- the Beet Pulp you may use for helping with digestion, as a semi pre-biotic and keeping weight on older horses is also GMO unless you are feeding Speedi Beet or Fiber Beet which is non GMO and comes from England. 


Yes it is more expensive to feed Speedi Beet or Fiber Beet but what is your horses health worth?  And how much are you spending on vet bills?  What about the horse feed using coconut meal most of which can be rancid causing over all body inflammation in your horses, do you think horses would go out in nature and pick a coconut over something more natural to eat? It may smell good and taste good on purpose by the manufacturer, do you think they care about your horses health or their bottom line?  


Veterinarians do not get an education in equine nutrition or in how to use herbs in veterinary or medical school, nor alternative approaches such as chiropractic, homeopathy et al and in most cases is left up the individual doctor to pursue in regards to information with many not having an interest nor the time to persue alternative approaches.  The use of herbs in place of drugs is poo pooed by big pharma because they cannot patent an herb! 


Therefore veterniarians tell you to feed senior feed, feed any kind of bag feed because they just do not know, they just do not have the education and it is easy to tell you to go to the feed store and get a bag of something... I am not knocking veterinarians we need them, but not for learning about nutrition for our horses you have to go do the research yourself!


Many horse owner's fear the things they do not understand and in most cases opt for medical intervention as opposed to a more natural approach using nutrition, herbs or altrenatives such as homeopathy; many simply simply do not believe there is sufficient research or documentation to back up the use of the above when given a chance your horse will show you in health when changes are made to their diet, supplements added or hebs that can help to cure.


A belief that herbs and nutrition don't matter in regards to our horses health couldn't be further from the truth. Not all herbs have been researched and we don't have all of the answers when it comes to nutrition, but one thing is for certain and that is in most cases herbs and nutrition are overwhelmingly beneficial to the patient (our horses) with minimal to no side effects and can help were drugs may make a condition worse or cause other issues.  Mother Nature knew better.... read about Sunny's case study coming out in the next issue of Natural Horse Magazine as an example!  No more bag feed, no more drugs for Cushing's and Sunny is "cured" per his vet, and living a wonderful new life back on the trial again!


The following quote hung on the wall of my Osteopath's office since I was a is food for thought in this day and age, in this era of over vaccination of not only our children with Autism on the rise, floridated water (flouride is a bi product) but all of the auto immune diseases, all of the chronic illness and the huge epidemic of diabetes as well!


"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. " Thomas A. Edison  US inventor (1847 - 1931)  


Alternatives for Better Health ...


Soaked hay pellets are a better choice, organic if you can find them, organic feed such as Modesto Milling is offereing, if you happen to live in California, and nation wide there is Crypto Aero which is being carried at more and more feed stores around the country.  Crypto Aero is a whole organic feed with oats, papaya, timothy pellets, rose hips and more.   Don't be fooled by the marketing of many of the big companies that tell you that oats have too much sugar, they have a lower glycemic index then the bag feeds you might be using, even the ones that claim to be "low starch/low sugar"  they are readily digestible and give your horse a more natural source of essential fatty acids. 


Get your hay tested, test your well or city water (the test kit is only around $10 at Home Depot & Lowes) to find out what it has in it and balance any vitamin/mineral supplement to that, I feed the Arizona Copper Complete because my well water is deficient in those elements and are necessary for hoof and overall body health!



Add to the above a balanced vitaim/mineral supplement and your horses will be healthier.  I use soaked hay pellets, Nutra Flax a full fat stabalized ground flax meal, a supplement with copper, zinc, selenium and hoof supplements for two of my horses Arizona Copper Complete (which is a far better product then CA Trace I have found) , for my mini's and my retired endurance horse they get a supplement with copper and zinc (for hoof health) called Arizona Regional, this contains copper, zinc, selenium, biotin, vitamin e and grapeseed extract and I round that out with Organic Kelp, and everyone gets their daily serving of Equine Zyme for the best absorption of all nutrients, for better digestion, to prevent some forms of gas colic and for the best health possible. 


If I could find organic hay I would be feeding that, but do a milk thistle liver detox three times per year, and have my horses on the milk thistle now to counteract the chemicals in the hay (herbicides/ pesticides)  and to keep them as healthy as I can in the most natural way.  My horses are supported with homeopathy, herbs and chiropractic! 









Advanced Nutrition Class -


In June I will be taking an advance course in equine nutrition, the focus being on laminits, insulin resistance/metabolic disorders/Cushings and how as well as what to feed these horses that are becoming all too common!!  They will be bringing to the table the latest research as well, and being that this is from the University of Edinburg they do know how to feed horses, not only that but they have pasture in England, they have non-GMO hay, non-GMO beet pulp and more!!!  Horses there do not have the health issues we have here because of that and they do not feed the concentrated bag feeds like we do!


If you have followed Sunny's story on my Face Book page you will see that a combination of dietary changes, better nutrition using Crypto Aero, Equine Zyme, DAC Orange vitamin supplements, and herbs can help your horses to over come much of this where traditional medications are just covering up symptoms!  Sunny's ACHT levels were 293 - high and pre-Cushings is considered at 35 - in less than 4 months totally off his meds, and only on the Cushing's Herbs, Kelp and Chaste Tree Berry tea his level went down to 27!


In this class I hope to gain more knowledge to help more people and their horses as well as to help my own to maintain their health, for the long run and for my Cushing's mare Echo, who is 24 as well as my 17 year old mini Annie Rose are also on Sunny's program!!












Specials for the End of April  -



Happy Mare -- 


This blend was once called MareZyme but we changed the name to Happy Mare, because it is a blend of specifically selected herbs with a yeast culture as a carrier to help balance a mare especially in the spring and early summer months when hormones tend to make them a bit cranky!   Take 15% off thru April 30th using code "Happy"




Tummy Tamer ---


Tummy Tamer has been known in the past as Tummy Zyme --- we decided to change the name although it still contains all the specifically selected and blended herbs that we have used for years to help to calm the digestive tract including Slippery Elm, as well as herbs that are anti inlfammatory and also soothe! IN following with Happy Mare above take 15% off your order to the end of April using coupon code "Tummy












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