Mid August 2016 Earth Song Ranch

Dog Days of Summer are Here ..... & Almost Over.....

I for one cannot believe that we are coming in to the end of August... wow!  Where has this summer, or even this year gone... it just seems to be moving along too quickly just rushing past us... don't know about you but the summer here has been horribly hot and humid --- including today as I write this! 


Jeep and I have been trailering over to our newly rehabbed arena in the development that we live early weekend mornings and spending a couple hours working on the Parelli games, others with us are doing the games and a little riding in the arena, we are so fortunate to live here in this equestrian community!


My little horse Jeep is a retired Tevis horse, he and I will do another endurance ride or two in 2017 along with Anne York and Sue Marriott but not a long one, just a fun one once I feel more confident!   This is him at Tevis in 2015, and he finished with Parry on board, not only finished but was #23!



I am also hosting a Parelli Professional, Margit Deerman, once per month, at my ranch and my neighbors and I get to have great coaching and uninterrupted play time with our horses!


In October we have scheduled a weekend of Cowboy Dressage lessons as well!  So life goes on at the ranch, with lots to do with getting orders processed and out, chores, preparing for fall and winter, and fun things in between!

This past week I had a dozen calls from worried owners about  horses newly found to have EPM.  Fall and the very end of summer for some reason brings it on, scientist just do not know why - or what triggers it - nor when they are infected, but if all the phone calls are an indication then if you want to protect your horses give them the EPM Nosode --- easy to use and cost effective too - we also offer a homeopathic kit to treat EPM as well if you want a more natural approach to this dis-ease! 

An Arabian Get Together...


Down at the arena all the boys got together - Akid, Finn and Jeep and had a meeting!  I think they are conspiring .....



Cushings ---


Just like EPM, horses who are either Pre or Cushings will have a cortisol release in the fall so if you get blood work done it might not be accurate and could in fact be a false positive or high.  This cortisol release can also bring on a bout of laminitis, or abscesses, or more, which includes going full blown with Cushing's --- much of which could be prevented with the proper nutrition (no pelleted bag feed) and a more natural approach to their health including adding flax, chia, and soaked grass hay pellets.


Many horses are becoming Cushings horses much younger and I really blame it on all the GMO bi products (soy, wheat middlings, corn et al)  that are in the pelleted feeds and all the Round Up Ready hay being grown and sprayed at record levels which our horses just cannot take! 


I am available for consultations to go over your feed programs, et al to review and make suggestions for your horses and their health!   If you have your ACHT levels handy for your horse that is also good to know!   Sometimes it is good to have someone else look at your program and make suggestions along the way!











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