Mid-February Earth Song Ranch News and Specials‏


Spring is on the way....


I am, in so many ways, loving the warm weather we have had for a week's time now, roses, fruit trees and other flowering bushes/shrubs are starting to bud --- daffodils are blooming, jonquils, iris and tulips are coming up through the ground with the promise of color to follow.    Horses and mini's are shedding by the hand fulls - dogs will be right behind them.   So much to be thankful for and in gratitude about these days.  And the lady bugs are out too!


The only down side to all of this plant energy ready to spring forth is if we get another frost, freeze or snow, then they will all be damaged and we will have another fruitless year.



We are all crossing our fingers for more rain from el Nino but so far this month it has gone north or east of us.  There is snow pack in the Sierra's but not enough to have busted the drought!








Have you reviewed your horse's feed & supplement management lately?


This is the time of year that people start to notice more about their horses and their over all body conditions when blankets come off, horses start shedding and horses are turned out.  It is also a time that I do more consultations and reviews of people's feeding programs and get a lot of calls from people wanting advice on supplements and so much more.


Take a look at the number of supplements and ask yourself "Does my horse really need these?" - read the labels, are you doubling up on ingredients of any kind?  Is your horse getting over dosed on artificial flavors and colors or other chemical additives?   What could you cut out that is not necessary and has just become habit?


Have you considered giving your horse Milk Thistle for a month to detox his/her liver, then following up with dandelion leaf for a month for the kidneys?  Spring is a prime time to do this -- I know I do it for my heard, starting usually the end of February and ending the end of April.   Our horses are exposed to so many chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, all of which can damage their health, doing something naturally for them boosts their ability to keep themselves well and healthy.


As your horse sheds out look at how his new coat looks, is it shiny and healthy or dull?  Is your horse shedding like all the others or is he maintaining his coat a little bit longer?  Does he/she have fat pads or a cresty neck, if so you may have a horse who is pre-Cushings.  Time to get blood work done and find out where he/she stands and make changes in the diet and supplements to support your horse.


Take a look at the quality of their hooves too, are there ridges, are they flaky, are there healthy frogs?  Do a good once over and then start making a plan for better health for your horse this year.


Less is more when it comes to supplements, good quality hay, fresh water, and salt are the basics, probiotics and digestive enzymes for immune health, especially for horses over 10 years of age and maybe some flax or whole oats and some rose hips for a healthy horse!





What's Happening at Earth Song Ranch



All of our new herbal blends are almost ready, and we have a new "Herbal Blend" category to make them easier to find!  Currently in the store you we have the UT formula that helps to keep the urinary tract healthy especially in mares, and we are bringing our Uveitis Blend back; Immune Boost is up on the site too, we have also blended an herbal form of APF and will have that available soon as well!











Pain Relief More Naturally


If you happen to have a horse who has pain somewhere in their body or their feet a non chemical alternative may be HorsePrin - we have been selling it for years and its popularity has grown and grown --- it has white willow bark, yucca, yarrow, tumeric,  fever few, comfrey, meadow sweet and devils claw, which all work together on not only pain but inflammation.  Horse-Prin for your horse!






Specials for the Last Half of February





Buggzo ---  for those of you in climates that are already warming up I love love love this product from Horse Tech --- it helps to repel biting insects and flies and I buy it by the big bucket full - if you are in a warm area I would recommend starting now with this product with it pelleted powdered AC Vinegar, two types of Garlic and vitamin B-1 which repels biting insects naturally!  I am offering this at 10% off from today through the 20th of February - Use coupon code "BUG"



Happy Mare --- if you have a moody mare who is starting to cycle, you may want to stock up on this blend & start using it now - it was once called Mare Zyme now we call it Happy Mare and have a new label besides.  From February 21st to the 26th take 15% off using coupon code "HAPPY"



Special For Leap Day only - 10% off Equine Zyme on February 29th!  Use coupon code "LEAP"  ONE DAY ONLY.... come catch us on that extra day of the year!
















Don't Forget March is the month we start using ESR Herbal Wormer again - Be sure to get your fecals done on the dark of the moon for a more accurate count and see if you might be dealing with any parasite problem from over the winter!

Rose are Red Violets are Blue        
& Earth Song Ranch Loves You!