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New Year of 2016 at Earth Song Ranch‏


Earth Song Ranch



"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Thomas Edison

Date:January 11,2016

The New Year - It is About Health....
Not another failed diet....



As horse women we sometimes take better care of our horses then ourselves, but I have to ask the question, how will you take care of your horse if you aren't healthy?  How about vitamins and minerals, do you do that daily or regularly?  Do you eat fresh fruits and veges daily?  Do you juice or do smoothies?  How about taking a probiotic, not just eating yogurt, to keep your immune system boosted?  


If you have not as yet checked out what I am carrying for people when you go to my store go to Yougevity and check out Tangy Tangerine it is vitamins, minerals and probiotics that you can mix in juice and take with you on the way to work or shopping!


This time of year people will go on a diet to loose weight but they typically fail, how about his year doing something different and eating for health, taking supplements, making smoothies and getting a regular massage?   Take care of yourself for one, not just your family including your fur family members!

Equine Wellness - Herb Blurb


For all of 2016 I now have a column in Equine Wellness titled Herb Blurb --- I will be writing about different herbs you can readily find, are readily available and are health enhancing to your horses.  


Some of the herbs you can plant in your own garden this spring and summer, and grow them organically.   Many can be found in cut and sifted form or in powder which you add to bucket feed.



NBC Sports Radio FM - Horse Talk with Louisa Barton in

Ocala, Florida -

For those of you who are not on Face Book I just want to let you know that I will be on  this show a couple times per month on Saturday mornings, talking about horse nutrition, natural parasite control, herbs for hoof health and so much more!  We have already done two shows, and the next show will be in a couple of weeks

    Natural Horse Magazine


   Be looking for my article on "Chemical vs               Herbal Parasite Control" in the next issue of         Natural Horse Magazine- I have written for         them now going on 15 years on horse health         topics! 



New Herbal Products -


As promised, I have been working on a few new herbal formulas.  They have taken some time and research, I have tested them on my own horses, for various reasons, one was because Cheyanne was critically ill in October/November having passed a kidney stone causing her to pee blood for 3 weeks, in a lot of pain, which then caused a bladder infection.  I kept her at home, ran IV's myself through a catheter with the support of my local vet and did pain meds, gave her lots of Vitamin C, and blended herbs which I used and am still using to support her as she continues her recovery.  The kidney stone was most probably caused by the high calcium in the well water, for which I now have a filtered water system and use structured water in their tanks to help prevent this occurring again.


The blend I made up for Cheyanne is blend called UT Support and I also tested it on a couple other horses who had bladder/kidney conditions and all seemed to benefit.  This blend has celery seed, marshmellow root, uva ursi, yarrow, danelion, couch grass, and hydrangea root.  This formula will be available this coming week.


I aslo have an Organic Immune Support Formula that has all the herbs you would expect to boost the horse's immune system including Golden Seal, it is fed in very small doses for the most part a teaspoon or two per day and a Laminits Tx formula that would help with the onset of any laminitic epispode with anti inflammatory herbs including ginko and yarrow, and betonite clay to take any toxins out of the horses intestinal track that may be causing the episode.  Both of these blends will be available by months end.   I also have several other blends coming in February so be looking for them!





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