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Mid-March 2016  -


Day Light Savings Time... Spring Cleaning Anyone!!! Thoughts on Abundance and Gratitude too....

Not only is it day light savings time, it is time for Spring Cleaning!


When I mention Spring Cleaning it is not only the feed room, the barn, the house including going through closets and gifting things to others or charity, but also the website! 


More importantly it is the uncluttering of my mind, clearing out the cob webs of needless thoughts, any negativity, of finding gratitude and thanks for all that I do have and have created as well as how I am so richly blessed with all the "love" in my life, the puppy pals, the kitty kids, my horses and mini's - the "luxury" of the life I have/lead in the country with clean water clean air and beautiful views, with all of my animals living in one place, and me taking care of them all, seeing them out of my windows in the morning too.  




Abundance is so much more than material wealth so much more than money, the abundance  I have is worth so much more than money can ever buy, the color and beauty in all the bulbs, fruit trees and plants that are flowering, I live in the abundance of the beauty of the mountain in front of me, the mountains that also surround me,  changing with each cloud going over, each sun set, each sunrise that is so individual with each day and moment in time; the view of the lake from my kitchen window, the cattle on the reservation with their calves, even the coyotes and the bob cats, the red tail hawks circling on the wind drafts over the reservation, the golden eagle that perches on the electric pole, all the little birds that come feed at the bird feeder, the ones building their nests in the car port, I could go on and on, and was reminded the other day by one of my teachers to be in, to breathe in, as well as be part of and give thanks for all that I have created in this place that I love and live. 




I am/was so blessed with having been a Mom to two, one of each, and even in the loss of my son I am blessed, in that I had him in my life for 44 years.  I am blessed still with a daughter and her family, a daughter-in-law, my granddaughter and her husband along with their fur kids, & two grandson's all of whom I am very proud - although this month is sad for me as it would have been my son's 45th birthday on the 22nd I have to embrace the little character he was as a child, the memories I hold so dear of a different time and place, how proud I was of every step in his life, literally and figuratively, the man he became, the father that he was, giving thanks for all of the journey of his life on this planet and know that he is in the arms of the grandparent's who loved him unconditionally and always will.



I also have to give a shout out to my daughter Allison, of who I am so very proud, who just was promoted this week to Contract's Manager in the Legal Department for the company she works for who builds the big solar and wind plants/ farms around the world, including in the USA, providing alternative renewable energy. 


I know I am so richly, truly, blessed, I give thanks and gratitude for all of abundance in my life, so much to be grateful for which in not material, nor can be measured in "money" and I am thankful as well for a life well lived which I truly love and have created! 




Back to Spring Cleaning .... Horse blankets to the laundry are to follow on the cleaning list, but we are not quite through with them as yet, still some frost on the ground some mornings  .... I had a friend, Tony D'Leia whose barn put mine to shame, he didn't have a cob web nor any dirt any where, God Bless him on the other side, he even had carpet on the floor of the isle way that he vacuumed!  I could see him now in his Italian way going tisk tisk to me.... so will get the barn cleaned this weekend weather permitting hose it all down and make it sparkle again.


So in our Spring Cleaning line up on the web site we are trying to make it easier for you to find the things you order or are looking for on the Earth Song Ranch web site, one of the options in the store, which you may or may not have noticed, is a little heart on each of the products, that when you click that as a favorite, you can go directly to those products when you go to sign in. 





We have added more HorseTech Products to the store as well, ones that we love and use including Arizona Copper Complete; I, like many, have used to use California Trace, but just did not see the results I had hoped for, and really feel like Arizona Regional by HorseTech is a better product, cost less and has free shipping, you may want to check out the Arizona Regional, I use Arizona Copper Complete for Cheyanne and Echo and have seen the difference in their hoof health and their coats, Echo in particular has started to grow her mane back in rich and thick.  The resaon I have put them on this product is that I realized from testing my well water that they were not getting the copper and the zinc they needed, Echo also is Metabolic/PreCushings and it seems to keep her steady!  I am adding Arizona Regional to Jeep and the mini's bucket feed as well in place of using CA Trace for their copper, zinc and selenium needs/support.  


We are also in the process of adding more testimonials to the site --- if any of you are moved to do so and would love to submit a testimonial in March for any products or services that would be great!  Will be adding them to the website in the very near future - I don't usually remember to ask but would love to ask now since we are making changes!


In the HorseTech Category there are now sub-categories, no more scrolling for miles to find what you want or need --- so making that a better experience for you all as well --  we have added more flax based products, also hoof and joint  including the Glanzen line, and some of their new speciality products too, including Sweat Werks so if you are a HorseTech fan like we are, and to get you to go look around the store to see what we have changed and added, until the end of the month, we are offering 5% off any of the HorseTech products we carry (see coupon code below)! 


Don't forget bug season is soon upon us and it is time to start thinking of adding Buggzo to your horses bucket feed in the near future too, I am ordering my bucket for my guys this coming week so it reminded me to remind you too!


In the Earth Song Ranch Store you will also find a few changes, additions and some moving around a bit of where products are found and in categories too, which are to make it easier to find your favorite products maybe some new favorites along the way! 






May the Luck of the Irish be with you this week and through the year!

NEWS & Sharing -



Cushings/Metabolic Kit Now Available - for those  of you with Cushings/IR/Metabolically Challenged Horses ---



Because so many horses around the country have been helped with our Cushing's Herbal Support, Kelp, Chaste Tree Berry Tea and Equine Zyme we have now bundeld it in a kit to make it easier, in sizes that will last approximately 2+ months to make it easier to order as well.  You can still buy each individually, but with the Kit you save $45 and also get a free 15 minute phone consultation with me to go over your feeding/nutritional progam!  Click here to look at the new Cushing's Kit.






FAQ's --- We are updating our FAQ Page with lots of good information on Cushing's, Probiotics, as well as our Herbal Wormer and it is a good place to send your friends to learn more about more natural health for their horses too.   It is a place where we will also respond to the most frequently asked questions!



Testimonail --- 


Louisa Barton, Host and Executive Producer of NBC Sports Horse Talk Radio about her horse Sunny how is ACHT levels improved in less than 4 months and now her vet says he can no longer be considered a "Cushing's Horse"  - come listen to what she said on one of her shows about Earth Song Ranch :



The written Testimonial will soon be on the Earth Song Ranch Web Site as well!






5% off of your favorite Horse Tech Products in our store use the coupon code HTP5 to get your discount on check out!  This offer is good from today through March 25th so please come take us up on it..... so many great products being offers now from HorseTech!




One of our favorite products for the mini's here at Earth Song Ranch is Sand Trap, They get this daily in their bucket feed to help prevent sand colic which mini's tend to, ask any mini owner who wished they had used this product because of a huge vet bill from Sand Colic & since my three mini girls become "little mini lawn mower's & weed wackers" when they are let out to graze daily it is part of our daily program!


It is great for big horses too, and I feed it one week per month for my big horses to also help prevent sand colic from them grazing all year long, but most especially in the spring!  I highly recommend this product!





Please Note: 



In celebration of both my and Echo's birthday, which falls on Easter, we are offering Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus at 10% off from March 26th to March 31st!  So please help us celebrate our joint birthday's which is March 27th and also happens to be Easter this year as well!  Use coupon code "CELEBRATE" for your discount, and remember too, that both these products come with FREE SHIPPING!  My Beautiful Echo will be 22 years old this year, she has been part of my life's journey for 21 of those years as I met her when she was 9 monhts old!  Her photo appears on the Equine Zyme and the Equine Zyme Plus labels!




I just so loved this had to share!






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