It's Just About Fall Ya'll


Out here this week we went from 98 degree days to 61 degree in nothing flat and 44 degree nights!  It is beginning to feel like fall, with a flock of geese flying over head and going south for the winter!   We have our first frost this morning... everything covered in white.... so after this full moon I will stop using the Herbal Worm until the Spring!


The mini's have started to grow their winter coats, Jeep has started to get his "peach fuzz" Echo and Cheyanne do not seem to have started with the first hint of winter fuzz but am sure they will be following soon!  All of the horses and mini's seem a bit off tract, I usually start to see winter fuzz on Echo and Cheyanne in August... and the mini's are about on time..... Wonder what this winter holds for us, rain maybe, snow I hope, because I love waking up to everything white, still and clean...


Leaves should start to turn soon down in the valley, the sycamores will be golden and rust colored as I drive to town, which transports me back to the falls I would visit my Mom and Dad in Mt Shasta and the colors would be so warm and beautiful with the mountain as the backdrop.



Time to start boosting your horses immune systems, maybe start with a fall detox using dandelion leaf and milk thistle then add in Equine Zyme or Equine Zyme plus for the fall and winter --- do a fecal count on the dark of the moon in a couple weeks and find out what you might need to address if anything - come read about herbs for worming in this article:




Take a really good look at your horses as you go in to fall and winter, if you see them everyday like I see mine have a friend stop by and take a look, how is their coat looking, how about the quality of their hooves, body condition, mane and tail - it is time to add a nutritional boost for the winter maybe, or just review your feeding plan.  I know I have, and I am putting on some extra weight on Echo,  Cheyanne is fine, Jeep could drop some but am just getting him more exercise in the moment, and the mini's are doing just fine, everyone is free fed bermuda hay in their new Hay Pillow's and they get a flake in their tub each morning and night too -- my horses are on Equine Zyme Plus this time of year, Arizona Copper Complete and Nutra Flax along with a serving of Crypto Aero. 


The Full Moon .... The Eclipse


Sept 16 Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Pisces and Virgo


This is the full moon that asks you to go beyond the veils of this world to bring back a higher spiritual vision for your life, and then get it to work in the practical world. Pisces teaches you to trust your intuition and Virgo helps you organize your logical brain.

Because Mercury is still retrograde until the 21st, and very close to the Sun in Virgo, it's best to keep flexibility in those insightful visions and analytical plans. As Mercury starts to move forward at fall equinox on the 22nd, you can adjust to help your ideas work more smoothly.


Mars is a trigger point in this full moon, and that means action. In Sagittarius, be certain to take the high philosophical road in your dealings with people, but don't get self-righteous.

The energies of the autumnal equinox on Sept. 22 are a bit complicated. You will need to put a wide variety of needs in your life into a working whole. That means you will feel pulled between extremes until you can find a way for the various aspects of your life to play nicely together. The saving grace is the the Sun and Jupiter are aligning on the 25th, a very positive combination of life force and good fortune.


From Astro Mark.




The Equinox ~



        Fall Equinox, Thurs. Sept. 22 at 7:22 AM PDT


The Equinoxes are a time that I like to do a meditation and reflect, with the most powerful time of the year being the Winter Solstice, the Fall Equinox brings us to the preparation for that time in December when we should go inward, a time of release, a time of reflection and a time of giving thanks for all we have and all the unknown blessings already on their way of which we are not aware!  Fall is a time of harvest, a time to give thanks for all the blessings and the richness of our lives.








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