October 2016 Earth Song Ranch Trick or Treat

Earth Song Ranch                                                                                                            October 2016

Fall... Hmmmm... Really?


If it weren't for all the decorations that have been out for more than a month for Halloween and the beginnings of Thanksgiving stuff too, you would not know it was fall around here, oh we did have frost for two night a couple weeks ago, but have been warm and balmy, still sleeping with windows open at night, people still going to the beach, no leaves have started to turn but... the horses and the mini's are getting fuzzy, Diamond, Dazzle and Annie, & Jeep too with Cheyanne and Echo not so much, Echo has been on the Cushings herbs and the tea plus a homeopathic rememdy, she will be 23 in March so is doing really well because last year she put on so much winter coat you would have thought she was competing with the mini's  ~ first load of fire wood was delivered, beginning my list of things to get done before fall really sets in, and winter is upon us, need to look at winter blankets for any repair work, order a Wug for my baby mini who is not such a baby any more, and make sure I have enough herbs, hay pellets and supplies just in case!  Another delivery of wood will happen the end of October, then I have to find some oak some where --- to add to my stash!


As kids we would all pile in the station wagon and go to Julian for the Apple Festival, silly parade, lots of people, fun at the cabin, and picking apples!  So many great memories to hold on to, that come back at certain times, maybe the smell of an apple pie baking, or a pumpkin pie with all its spices... a smell to the morning air, the pines up in Mountain Center will all make me smile!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, can't believe this year has sped by even faster than last it seems...  there are more memories in my life wrapped up in this holiday, it was my Dad's favorite, and when all of the elders were alive they loved to do all the cooking... my Mom and Aunt Ena, my Granny Millett and her sister, and my Mom's Mom each had a hand in it and a family favorite dish,  now I do all the cooking and my daughter and her family come and enjoy it all including the horses, the views and the quiet up here away from the city!  This year I hope we can take a walk around the lake while the turkey is finishing up!







Sunny's Kit for Cushings and Pre-Cushing's horses has been a hit, I have been getting 6-10 orders per week these past couple weeks, mostly from the two articles that were published ! one in Natural Horse and one in Elite Equestrian, many people have written me telling me they see improvements in their horses within 2 weeks time, all a bit different but improvements none the less from cresty necks starting to disappear to sheaths that were swollen being less so, others continue to order but in the larger sizes offered because their horses are improving, they have more energy and are doing so well, just like Sunny did.  I feel so blessed to be able to help so many in a more natural way.  Today alone I shipped out 7 kits all over the country, mostly on the east and the west coasts --- a few in Tennessee, Minnesota, and the mid west.


FULL MOON - Last call for Herbal Wormer --- I am offering the Herbal Wormer until Saturday October 8th at 10% off for those of you who need to worm your horses before we go in to the colder weahter!  Use coupon code HW10!  It is guaranteed to ship in time for the full moon of the 15/16th.  We always have Herbal Wormer on hand all year long!



WINTER STABLE BLEND - Herbs were ordered this week and from October 10th until October 17th take 10% off your horses's favorite warming herbal cut and sifted, low NSC blend, fed by the small hand full and used as a topper on hay or their bucket feed!  This is an absolute must have in cold areas, and helps from the inside out to keep your horses warm, they love the herbs and many are aromatic and flavorful!  Use coupon code WSB10 from October 10th to the 17th!  This blend received the Equine Wellness Magazine seal of approval!







I loved this so wanted to share this with all of you --- It is perfect for this time of year and also the spiritual beliefs I have held for 3 decades, where I spend the time from the Equinox to the Winter Solstice letting go of the years events good and not so good, and releasing all, giving thanks for the experiences, so that I am free to begin a new year when it comes....



The cycle of the seasons reflects the soul journey.


The Fall Equinox, which just occurred, is the point at which the days and nights are equal. After this point, nights get longer and days get shorter as we move toward winter.  The Autumn Equinox isn’t just a date on the calendar – like many celestial events, it has spiritual significance.


In ancient cultures, wise men equated the seasons with their own spiritual journey. They recognized that the cycle of darkness and light they saw repeating itself every year in the sky was reflected in their own soul journeys. To me, the falling leaves and longer nights remind me that in order for our souls to evolve and grow, we must first let go of what no longer serves us.


Here’s an exercise in honor of the season to help you to let go of what’s holding you back and make room for new insights, relationships and experiences.


Practice letting go:


Picture yourself as a strong, beautiful tree. Imagine your feet rooted to the ground. Breath deeply, imagining yourself connected firmly to the earth.

Now move your awareness up as you imagine your arms as the branches of the tree, waving in the breeze. Breathe deeply and “become” the tree.

Take several deep breaths and visualize yourself – hear the birds, and feel the bright autumn sun on your boughs, and the cool breeze rustling your leaves.

Now picture your leaves, brightly colored. Each dying leaf represents something you can let go of.


Imagine each leaf detaching and drifting to the ground…and as each one falls, let it represent something that isn’t serving you:


Let go of your need to be perfect

Let go of caring about what other people think of you.

Let go of the need to judge yourself.

Let go of guilt.

Let go of hurt.

Let go of the need to please people.

Let go of old resentments.

Let go of insecurity.

Let go of worry.

Let go of fear.

Let go of everything that’s holding you back.


Picture the leaves drying on the ground, and a gust of wind blowing them all away. Watch as they whirl off into the sky!


Let love fill the empty spaces.


Just as falling leaves make room for new growth, releasing old habits and negative thoughts make room for those things that enlighten your soul – love, forgiveness and joy!


shared from James Von Prague