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Here Comes September...


Not just any September, we have two eclipses one on the 1st and one on the 16th which for some may bring up events of September 1997 what were you doing then ? "Eclipses mark periods of endings and beginnings…a time when highly significant events are more likely and fate tends to have more of a “free hand.” As the earth, the moon, and the sun interact it’s almost as if time holds its breath for moment, and cosmic energy comes streaming in on a new wavelength."  Victoria Bearden, Astrologer


Mercury is also retrograde (Rx) as of the 30th of August and there is a lot going on with the change of seasons going in to fall with the Equinox on the 22nd where day and night are of equal length ---- kind of makes your head spin!  And the lessening of daylight hours is also something that affects our horses especially those who may be pre-cushings or going full blown....


For me being an Aries several times over it’s time to get more tuned in to my Body Mind Spirit connection and make an effort each and every day to be a bit more grounded. It is time to make some needed changes with health and nutrition including taking a Human Nutrition Class from Stanford on "real foods" and "real" nutrition maybe learn something new mayber but I have done this my entire life so who knows; start walking each morning and using a pedometer to see how far I go each day with that and all the chores and gardening I do.  


I am also starting to look at how I can enhance my environment, both at home and work and to bring more harmony into my professional activities which are many as well as varied at the moment. am also taking a class from Stanford in human nutrition this month, one on "real" foods & "real" nutrition, looks to be a good one - as you all know I have taken Equine Nutrition Classes from the University of Edinburg and an advanced one as well.


Life continues to be interesting, challenging and ever changing here at Earth Song Ranch.  It is also time to get things in order for fall and the winter to come, including ordering my first cord of wood, caulking and painting the sideing and making sure all drainage is still good, with the first rain tractor work to do.... 




What You Need to Know About the Fall and Cushings - or Pre-Cushings



Unfortunately this time of year, with us moving towards the Equinox and also shorter days sensitive horses may start to show some unfamiliar signs of the onset of Pre-Cushings or Cushings symptoms, including vague laminitis / sore feet, their winter coats may start to grow in a bit spotty or clumpy not evenly,  they may show some signs of depression and also be a bit lethargic -  they may start to develop some odd fat pockets, geldings may get swollen sheaths, and they may start to drink excessively -  this time of year I really like to start giving more kelp to help boost the thyroid during  and review their nutritional needs for the fall and winter months to come, I have also put Cheyanne, Echo and Annie on the Cushings/IR/Metabolic Support Herbs to give them a boost as these three are my sensitive horses, they are also on the Chaste Tree Berry Tea which is a freshly made tinture and we feel better than Evitex and at a much lower cost.  What I am seeing most of is that a lot of these symptoms go away if you take your horses off the commercial pelleted bag feeds and put them on soaked hay cubes or pellets and give them a supplement with that like High Point for Grass or Pasture horses - it is all the artifical ingredients in the commercial bag feeds, all the GMO by products that is causing so much of the over all body inflammation and the onset of this horrible condition. 


I have proven this time and again and if you have not yet read Sunny's Story click on this link and see what a change of diet can do for your horse! Sunny's Story  Or you can also listen to the pod cast as well  Sunny's Pod Cast









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To make your shopping experience even better we now have a "search bar" on the Store page so you can find what you are looking for in an instant --- it was a long time coming, I have tested it and it seems to be working well!  Let me know if you use it and have any issues so we can address them!






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Cushings/IR/Metabolic Support - Take 10% off using coupon code CUSH until September 9th - this is a blend of specifically selected herbs blended to supporth this PreCushings/Cushings/Metabolic horses naturally!


Kelp - Kelp has all kinds of Micro nutrients and iodine which supports the thyroid - take 10% off from the 10th to the 15th of September --- I feed this year round to my horses - the kelp I sell is from the Northern Atlantic and is Organically grown.  Use coupon code Kelp







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