Articles & Podcasts on Natural Health for Horses

Articles & Podcasts on Natural Health for Horses
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Jessica Lynn is a regular contributor to Fox's The Horse Talk Show Network, where she discusses natural alternatives to keeping your horse healthy.
Earth Song Ranch's Jessica Lynn is a Frequest Contributor on NBC's The Horse Talk Show with Louisa Barton

Articles on Natural Health for Horses

Cushings - The Subtle Signs Your Horse Is Trying to Show You

5 Steps to Help Prevent Cancer

A Cure for Cushings

Herbs for Health Parasite Control

Sunny's Case History - Cushings Turnaround

Equine Wellness Magazine - Herb Blurb

Equine Wellness Magazine- Herb Blurb Benefits of Rose Hips

Equine Wellness Magazine - Horse Tea

Natural Horse Magazine - Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Yeast

Equine Wellness Magazine - Balancing Act

Natural Horse Magazine - Joint Disease

Equine Wellness - Winter Up

Horseback - Balancing the Equine Athlete from Within

Supplementing with Natures Gifts

Horseback - Disaster Preparedness

Cushing's Disease

What it is, how it's treated, and how you might prevent it, as well as cost effective alternatives to expensive allopathic vet care.

West Nile Virus

Prevention is worth a pound of cure! What you can do to help prevent this disease from striking your horses; what you can do naturally for them if they do contract it.

Fruit for Horses

Herbs For Health - Natural Horse Magazine

NASC: Restoring Confidence in Purchasing Animal Supplements

The Barefoot Paradigm

Disaster and Fire Season Precautions and Planning

Natural Parasite Control - Herbs by Mother Nature

Anthelmintic Herbs for the Health of Your Horse

Essential Fatty Acids; Key in Horse Health

Equine Feeding Recommendations

Everything your horse would love you to know about its diet so that he can feel better and perform the way he was meant to!

The Zymes

What they do, what they contain and why you should use them for your horses, dogs and cats.

Herb & Supplement Glossary

A quick and handy reference to herbs and how they are being used in supplements for horses, cats and dogs.

What is Homeopathy & How Can Our Animals Benefit from Homeopathic Remedies or Nosodes

Mare-Zyme - Natural Relief For Your Moody Mare!

The how, what and why of the herbs you can feed to help alleviate "cycling" symptoms.

Joint Health & Nutrition

Every thing you wanted to know about joint health, joint problems, how they are caused and how some can be prevented with proper supplements, as well as what happens when joints begin to wear out.

Pure Bovine Colostrum, It's Not Just For Cows!

Great detail about colostrum, its source, how to take it, its roll in helping to protect the immune system from modern day threats; how it helps to prevent ulcers and other gastric related problems.

Equine Ulcers & Gastrointestinal Disorders

The how, what, why and prevention as well as treating equine ulcers and other tummy problems.

About Laminitis and Founder

Encysted Small Strongles

Probiotics And Digestive Enzymes As Important Feed Additives

A great article on how the equine digestive system works and what you can do to keep it healthy as well as ways to naturally prevent colic.

Pro-Biotics; Bugs you do want in your horse’s life

EPM - Equine Protozoan Myoencephalitis

How you might avoid this from happening in your barn or at your ranch, it's symptoms and some preventative measures. Now an EPM FAQ page!

What is Pigeon Fever, aka Dry Land Distemper in Horses

How to Treat It Nutritionally and How to Prevent it Using Homeopathic Nosodes