Chasteberry for Cushings in Horses - Make Your Own Organic Tea

Chasteberry for Cushings in Horses - Make Your Own Organic Tea
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Whole Organic Chasteberry Tea - For Cushing's or Insulin Resistance Horses

Our organic Chaste Berry Tea is cheaper then Evitex and just as effective! The powdered chasteberry does not work as well as whole berry tea does, because once powdered the tea looses potency quickly. When you make the tea fresh, the medicinal qualities remain in the tea and your horse benefits!

Liquid-based feed additives/supplements are the most bio-available to/for absorption in horses, yet some manufacturing processes fall short as they use alcohol tinctures to extract the medicinal quality of the berries/herbs. When you add in importing and shipping times - along with shelf storage - pre-manufactured products start to lose some of their valuable qualities, much as hay looses vitamins when barn stored.

Our Earth Song Ranch ChasteBerry Tea is water based, with no fillers. You make it fresh, by the quart, which offers you the most natural and potent product in a simple liquid delivery method for your horse.

How to Make Your Own ChasteBerry Tea - At a Fraction of the Cost of Evitex

Make your own tinctured or elixir of Vitex agnus castus (Chaste Tree Berry Tea) – at a fraction of the cost of Evitex.

  • Place 1 tea bag in a 1 quart jar. Add boiling water, and a little bit of vodka as a preservative. We suggest that you preserve the finished tea in a tiny bit of brandy or vodka - especially in hot weather because the berries are organic and if the tea is not kept in a refrigerator or cool place can mold quickly.
  • Feed at the rate of 1/4 cup per day on average. Add to your horse's bucket feed.
  • Especially helpful in the Spring and Fall months

Compare the Cost of ChasteBerry Tea to Evitex from England

Cost to make one gallon:

  • Earth Song Ranch ChasteBerry Tea costs $39.95 plus the shipping
  • Evitex costs $135.00 plus shipping (about $20 depending on where you are in the US (what you are paying for is importing the liquid Evitex from England with all the duties!)

How ChasteBerry Tea Can Help

Do you have a moody mare? Is your horse not shedding out properly? Do you, your vet, and others consider your horse an ‘easy keeper’? Does your horse have a cresty neck and unusual fat pads on his/her body? If you have a gelding is his sheath swollen? Are you trying to maintain your horses top line and muscle tone for your horse?

Using the Earth Song Ranch Chasteberry tea for horses helps to properly support pituitary function, which has been widely researched in Germany, by Dr. Rudolf Fritz Weiss. The research has found that chaste tree berry, if made in to a liquid, such as the tea, acts on both the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. The pituitary gland is considered the master gland of the endocrine system. It controls the adrenals and thyroid regulating activity of other organs and tissues in the body.

ChasteBerry tea is a natural way to maintain the health of horses’ hormonal systems by making it fresh and adding it to your horses bucket feed. When the horses pituitary is supported naturally it may help manage hormonal in-balances, which can cause cresty necks, metabolic mal-function, kidney issues including excessive thirst and urination, it may also support healthy digestion and support reproductive processes.

Natural Cushings Protocol Success Story

Chaste Tree Berry Tea has been shown to help horses and mini's with normal shedding, unexplained sweating and excessive drinking, as well as to preserve healthy muscle tone and top line which is compromised especially in Pre-Cushings and Cushings horses. In the past 7 years we have had experience with this tea with over a hundred horses and mini's on the tea all with good results!

Please read our Natural Cushings Protocol case study - featuring Sunny's Story - as published in Elite Equestrian Magazine and Natural Horse Magazine. The ChasteBerry Tea was part of the natural program to bring his ACTH number down from 297 to a more normal 24 in just a couple of months. You can also listen to our The Horse Talk Show podcast: Why the Fall is More of a Concern for Cushings & Pre-Fall Prevention Tips.

There is ongoing research which continues to show the many benefits of chaste tree berry tea or tincture for a natural way to a healthy pituitary, balancing hormone levels and also appears to support glucose metabolism in horses. The tea you make fresh is very palatable and along with a healthy diet (the more natural the better and without concentrated low carb/low starch/low sugar feed full of soy by products), will help promote long-term health in your horse.

Common ChasteBerry Tea Benefits

By following the package directions and providing this tea to your horse(s) or mini(s) on a regular daily basis - especially in the Spring and Fall months - Earth Song Ranch and owners have noticed the following:

  • Pituitary health
  • Helps to reduce ACTH levels
  • Normal winter coats and more rapid shedding, especially in the Spring
  • Balances hormone levels
  • Supports metabolic function
  • Improves attitude & performance
  • Improves energy/more active
  • Reduces excessive drinking and urination

Customer Testimonials

"Over the years I have used Jessica's Chasteberry tea to help my horse shed out her winter coat.  I am ready to begin the regimen again as we are having a warm winter in N. Florida.   The value of Chasteberry Tea to help a horse shed out is well documented. Thank you Jessica for producing an excellent quality product."- Raymond Petterson, President, Sox For Horses, Inc.

"I need to order another Cushings bag and also another bag of the Chaste Tree Berry Tea (with as many bags as will fit in that foil bag). My “boy” is doing good.  He is shedding out very well, no neck crest or body swelling. I am so glad to help him stay as healthy as a “possible Cushings” horse might be, at this point, with natural ingredients to help him along, without medical pills.  Pills may have  to happen at some point but I am very happy about him right now.  Thank you! I have you to thank for your help and natural products research that you do for our beloved animal family members.  Thank you again and again for all your help and caring. You understand that our animals are not “things” or “toys,” but they are  part of our family and our lives!  I appreciate you so much for your loving concern to help us keep our whole family well and healthy. Thank you again!" - Bev

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