Cushings IR Metabolic Herbal Blend

Cushings IR Metabolic Herbal Blend
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With so many of our clients horses with metabolic issues including Pre-Cushing's / Cushings which is showing up in cresty necks and long hair coats that do not shed we decided to make a cost effective blend of herbs to support their specific needs. 

This blend differers from the Sunny's blend in the amount of herbs that are added.  The Sunny's has more Ginko, Tumeric, and eluthero then this blend, both being effective for horses with Cushings or Metabolic disorders.

The herbs selected for this blend are ones that can help to regulate and balance hormonal cycles, promote blood sugar metabolism and support the liver and pancreatic health, all the while strengthening the immune system. We also used herbs that have been shown effective in treating non-cancerous growths and cysts and some that have anti-tumor activity and compounds.

Please see our Cushings FAQ page to read more about Cushing's Disease and how to naturally treat it.

The following herbs are blended for maximum absorption and include: Chaste Tree Berry, ginko, kelp, green stevia, eluthuro, milk thistle, parsley, golden rod, marshmallow, in a base of yeast culture. We also recommend our Kelp and our Chaste Tree Berry tea be added to this herbal as well for best results.

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