Cushings, IR, Metabolic Horse Support

Cushings, IR, Metabolic Horse Support

Support your Cushing's, IR, or Metabolic Horse Naturally

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Chasteberry for Cushings in Horses - Make Your Own Organic Tea

Whole Organic Chasteberry Tea - For Cushing's or Insulin Resistance Horses Our organic Chaste Berry Tea is cheaper then Evitex and just as effective ! The powdered chasteberry does not work as well as whole berry tea does, because once powdered the tea looses potency quickly. When you make the tea fresh,...

Cushings IR Metabolic Herbal Blend

With so many of our clients horses with metabolic issues including Pre-Cushing's / Cushings which is showing up in cresty necks and long hair coats that do not shed we decided to make a cost effective blend of herbs to support their specific needs.  This blend differers from the Sunny's blend in the...

Mg-5 + Cr

Magnesium, Chromium and B-Complex Vitamins For the metabolically challenged horse, for horses who are Cushings, IR, or Metabolic or suspected to be! Free Shipping on All Horse Tech Products. Each one ounce serving of HorseTech's Mg-5 + Cr will provide 5 grams of magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide)...

Organic Kelp for Horses - Trace Mineral Support for Thyroid, Hoof & Coats

100% Certified Organic Icelandic Kelp Meal - Supplies Iodine & Bioavailable Trace Minerals New Lower Prices! Same great Organic Kelp from the Atlantic! The 100% organic kelp that we purchase is grown in the cleanest and richest sea waters on earth in the Northern Atlantic. Organic Kelp delivers...

Sunny's Cushings Support Kit

Natural Herbal Support for Equine Cushing's/PPID in a Cost-Saving Kit Our customers have had great results with this specific combination of Earth Song Ranch products for "Metabolic" horses over the past 10 years. These products are available individually, but to make it easier for you, we've put everything...

Sunny's Herbal Formula for Cushing's Horses

Because this blend is so popular in the Cushings Support kit we decided to sell it separately too and in 1, 2 & 3# size - this is an herbal blend made specifically for Pre-Cushings and Cushings horses -- it contains herbs that are anti-inflammatory and supportive to the endocrine system ! For more...


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