Earth Song Ranch has been in business since 1998. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have helped thousands of horses, nutritionally, around the country, and some of our client's horses have become world champions in Dressage,  at NFR,  Snaffle Bit, The World in Paint Horse and Reining Futurities.  From the back yard companion elder, to the tiniest foal, to the world class competitors, we love helping them all to maintain their health and vitality!

Based in Southern California, we are proud to have so many horses around the country, and North America on Earth Song Ranch horse supplements, joint care products and using our equine herbal wormer.

We also are dedicated to providing a means of finding information on nutritional metabolic issues, EPSM, IR, Laminitis and Founder, bare foot trimmers, etc., for those seeking a more natural way to treat these disorders, as well as links to support groups and others.

Our client base has grown to include:

World Class
Cutting Horses
World Class
Calf Roping Horses
World Champion
Reining Horses
Team Penning Horses Jumping Horses Team Roping Horses
Trail Horses Endurance Horses Dressage Horses
Breeding Barns Boarding Facilities Companion Horses
Family Horses Foals to Seniors Working Cow Horses
Mares Stallions Reined Cow Horses

Our K-9 and Kitty-Zyme products are being used for:

Show Dogs Working Dogs Companion Dogs

Various Breeds of Cats