Dog & Cat Nosodes & Homeopathics

Dog & Cat Nosodes & Homeopathics

More and more people are becoming educated on the over vaccination of our pets - homeopathic nosodes are an option and we carry them all.  

We do not sell single remedy nosodes for kennel cough or lepto. 

We do not sell the rabies nosode you would have to purchase them from a homeopathic vet. 

The nosodes we do sell come from a homeopathic veterinarian.

For puppies we recommend the three puppy vacines prior to starting the nosodes for the best protection.  

We recommed our homeopathic wormer, Paratox, for cats, kittens, dogs, puppies as a non toxic alternative

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Canine Combo Nosode

Canine Combo - includes Distemper, Adenovirus, Lepto, Parainfluenza, Parvo Virus, Corona, Bordatella A Nosode is a Homeopathic "Immunization" as opposed to a "Vaccine". Please go to the Articles section of this web site to read more about " What is Homeopathy and How Can Our Animals Benefit from Homeopathic...

Kitty Combo Homeopathic Nosode

For those of us who love our kitty kids and don't want to harm them with over-vaccination.  Feline Combo Nosode contains Distemper, Feline Leukemia, Panleukopenia, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), Feline Immuno Dificiency Virus, Chlamydia A Nosode is a Homeopathic "Immunization" as opposed to a...

Heart Worm Kit

A Homeopathic Approach to Treating & Preventing Heart Worm in Dogs For those owner's who would rather not use chemicals and would like to prevent a heart worm infestation of their pet, as well as treat their pet in a more natural and homeopathic way, this is the kit for you. If you live in an area...

Heart Worm Nosode

Heart Worm Nosode is a homeopathic approach to prevention . It comes in a one dram size only, but you can call to request it in a dropper bottle form.  If your dog has heart worm please see the Heart Worm Kit . Customer Testimonial "I have been administering the Heart Worm Homeopathic for eleven...

Lyme Nosode

A Nosode is a homeopathic "Immunization" as opposed to a "Vacine". This Nosode has been successfully used on the East Coat in particular to not only treat but to also prevent Lyme disease. Please note: Homeopathic Remedies and Nosodes are not returnable due to FDA regulations. This Nosode can be used...

Lyme TX - Homeopathic Alternatve Treatment for Lymes in Horses and Dogs

The Lyme TX is a combination of homeopathic remedies that we get from a Homeopathic Vet to offer an alternative and a more natural approach in the treatment of this all too common "dis-ease" = it comes in a small spray bottle - it is dosed/ taken daily for 3 weeks time, it is a homeopathic alternative in the...


A liquid homeopathic, all natural anti parasitic for horses, cats and dogs, can also be safely used for chickens and goats as well. Paratox is a homeopathic anti-parasitic that you can either put in your horse, dog or cats water daily or syringe in to their mouth. It is effective and safe, no nasty...


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