Flax Based Products

Flax Based Products

The richest full fat milled flax for horses on the market - proven results for horse health.

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Bio Flax 20

This is the product that started it all for HorseTech back in May of 2000 when Horse Journal named it as the "top choice and best buy for hoof & coat problems" . A compact serving at one ounce per day, BioFlax 20 will provide 20 mg of biotin along with Methionine, Lysine, 3,000 mg of Omega-3 and more....

Nutra Flax - The Best Food Grade Full Fat Flax You Can Buy

Food Grade Flaxseed that's Enhanced for Equine Use! Loaded with Omega-3 "For palatability and aroma as close as you can get to freshly ground flaxseed, as well as the lignans, natural antioxidants, and fatty acids..." Horse Journal June, 2000 Flaxseed is an excellent feedstuff for equine diets--rich in...

Glanzen Senior Lite - For Easy Keepers or Metabolic Senior Horses

Hoof, Coat, Attitude & More for the Senior Horse! A great choice for the Senior easy keeper --Glänzen Senior Lite! Made with a food-grade milled flax and yeast culture base, each four ounce serving of Glänzen Senior Lite will provide a full 30 mg of biotin, an enhanced B-Complex vitamin...


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