For Minis Only

For Minis Only

Products for Minis -- including mini donkeys and ponies too! Made just in their size and for their special digestive support and needs.

Shop Categories: Mini Digestive Health - Mini Vitamins & Minerals - Mini Low NSC Natural Treats - Mini Natural Parasite Control

Our First Offerings are Mini-Zyme and Mini-Zyme + (Plus) for digestive health and well being, with added colostrum in the plus formula for immune boosting. Mini All-in-One is a Vitamin Mineral Supplement with the Digestive Support of Equine Zyme to make life simpler for mini owner's and feeders. We also have organic kelp, herbal wormer, & flax coming!

Our model on the Mini-Zyme + (Plus) is Napoleon -- he is a tiny mini and Tiny Hearts Mini Rescue has trained him to be a service mini, he has visited senior centers putting a smile on many lonely faces. He too was rescued from auction where his fate was not very promising as he has a "bum" shoulder so he could not be ridden or pull a cart, but that's ok he loves being of service.

Our model on the Mini All-in-One is my Senior Mini Annie Rose, she was one in a group of 85 minis dumped in a field in Iowa a few years ago when the breeder went bankrupt, then being foreclosed upon, she was a companion to my Arabian mare Destinee Rose. Twenty five of those minis found their way to California, from that group I have Annie Rose, Diamond and Dazzel who was born to Diamond after arrival in California. Not to forget we also have Bella Rose who is a very lucky mini to be part of and joined our little herd!

Happy Mini Meadow Mix a Low NSC Treat with a Purpose
A wonderful tasty treat of all natural, organic, wild crafted cut and sifted herbs and flowers.
Herbal Wormer for Minis
A non-chemical, all natural alternative.
Mini All-in-One
Making life easier one scoop at a time! A Mini friendly pre/pro-biotic blend with digestive...
Mini Winter Stable Blend
A wonderful flavorful warming treat for the fall and winter months.
Mini-Zyme for the Digestive & Immune Health of Your Mini
New - Pre/Probiotics & Mini Friendly Digestive Enzymes in a Mini Size!
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