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Products for Minis - including mini donkeys and ponies too! Made just in their size and for their special digestive support and needs.

Shop Categories: Mini Digestive Health - Mini Low NSC Natural Treats - Mini Natural Parasite Control

Our First Offerings are Mini-Zyme and Mini-Zyme + (Plus) for digestive health and well being, with added colostrum in the plus formula for immune boosting.  Mini All-in-One is a Vitamin Mineral Supplement with the Digestive Support of Equine Zyme to make life simpler for mini owner's and feeders.  We also have organic kelp, herbal wormer, & flax coming!

Supporting Tiny Hearts Mini Rescue

As a kick off to our new line we will be donating 5% of our sales to Tiny Hearts Mini Rescue.Org through March 31st as two of their rescue minis appear on our labels.  On the Mini-Zyme Label is a foal born shortly after the mom had been rescued then adopted, no one knew she was in foal,  the mama mini was at auction going to slaughter when rescued, then placed with a loving mini home, so two little lives were saved!  The little girl on the label is Scarlett and the mini foal is Rarity Joy.  Rarity's mom has been enjoying the benefits of Mini-Zyme for months now!

On the Mini-Zyme +(Plus) is Napoleon - he is a tiny mini and Tiny Hearts Mini Rescue has trained him to be a service mini,  he has visited senior centers putting a smile on many lonely faces.  He too was rescued from auction where his fate was not very promising as he has a "bum" shoulder so he could not be ridden or pull a cart, but that's ok he loves being of service.

On the Mini All-in-One is my Senior Mini Annie Rose, she was one in a group of 85 minis dumped in a field in Iowa a few years ago when the breeder went bankrupt, she was a companion to my Arabian mare Destinee Rose.  Twenty five of those minis found their way to California, from that group I have Annie Rose, Diamond and Dazzel who was born to Diamond after arrival in California.  Not to forget we also have Bella Rose who is a very lucky mini to be part of and joined our little herd!


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