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Herbal Blends

These herbal blends all have a purpose and were formulated over the years, some for my personal horses, some for friend's horses with health challenges.  They are blends of wild crafted, some organic herbs. We make all of these in small batches and blend them fresh when they ship.

Winter Stable Blend - A Warming Low NSC Healthy Treat with a Purpose
Unit Price: $13.00
A Fall & Winter Blend of Herbs With a Purpose. A Best Seller Since 2012.
Happy Horse Meadow Blend
Unit Price: $13.50
A taste treat of cut and sifted herbs and flowers your horse will love - low...
HorsePrin - A Non-Bute Natural Alternative
Unit Price: $29.95
Spring and Fall Tonic
Unit Price: $31.95
An easy way to give your horse a healthy tonic in the spring and fall.
Equine Urinary Track (UT) Herbal Support
Unit Price: $35.00
Senior Herbal Support
Unit Price: $39.95
Happy Mare
Unit Price: $45.95
More than just a handful of Raspberry Leaf!
Sunny's Herbal Formula for Cushing's Horses
Unit Price: $48.99
Uveitis Herbal Support
Unit Price: $49.99
An herbal blend designed to help horses with sensitive eyes, who might also...
Happy Mare Plus
Unit Price: $50.95
More than just a handful of Raspberry Leaf! This has added herbs for more...

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