HorsePrin - A Non-Bute Natural Alternative

HorsePrin - A Non-Bute Natural Alternative
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HorsePrin - A Natural & Herbal Alternative to Bute & Banamine

An herbal blend for inflammation, discomfort and pain relief for horses without the long term side effects of bute or banamine. Used by a few hundred horses since 1998 with good results & lots of repeat customers!

HorsePrin is a blend of herbs known to be anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, including White Willow Bark, Tumeric, Yarrow, Yucca, Meadow Sweet,and Devils Claw; blended in a powder form you can add to bucket feed easily or make in to a paste and syringe in your horses mouth.

This is really a great herbal blend for older horses during the chilly fall nights and winter months, does not upset their tummy and can be used long term.

As a non chemical alternative for pain relief and for relieving discomfort naturally, it can be especially effective for some horses with laminitis in the place of bute.

As always consult your veterinarian or health care professional.

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