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New Year New Moon


 I am a bit late in getting this first Newsletter out,  it is for too many great reasons to get in to at the moment, however I hope you all had a wonderful start to this New Year ~ I sure did and I will have a full Newsletter out this coming weekend, lots to share, lots brewing, happening and changing at Earth Song Ranch for 2016! I also wanted to share the below which is from AstroMark our of Washington:



"The Capricorn New Moon on Saturday the 9th is aligned with Pluto and making harmony to "good luck" Jupiter and the spiritual destiny nodes of the moon. Practical matters and constructive, disciplined effort towards your goals are favored. "I want it yesterday" mentality is totally not favored.


Many people cringe when they hear the word Pluto, and often with good reason. But Pluto clears away anything that gets between you and God Source so that when you use your power, it is in alignment with Creation, thus enhancing your efforts. But it does mean that you need to release old patterns and outdated beliefs.


Love & money Venus and patient Saturn are also aligned now, likely a better business combination than for your love life. But it is good for developing long term business relationships.


And there is yet another favorable aspect for this new moon. Abundance producing Jupiter is aligned with the spiritual destiny North Node of the moon through early February. Take a conservative risk on yourself to manifest your dreams and goals. In Virgo, be of humble service and work towards your goal in an organized, efficient way- no winging it and we'll see what happens. Service is the keyword for this goddess energy, so help the world be a better place while working on your dreams."



It is time we all start to manifest our dreams so why not begin in this New Year?




New Herbal Products


In the weekend newsletter I will share with you 5 new herbal blends that I think will be of benefit to so many horses.  So be sure to open the 1st real newsletter of the year and come take a peak as to what we are now going to be offering!



New Opportunity Too....


As one of the richest blessings I have rceived, one that not only made me feel humbled but also in total gratitude is that I will be on the NBC Sports Radio - Horse Talk  with Louisa Barton, out of Ocala,  Florida on a regular basis - we did our first show on the 2nd and there will be a line up of other guests including Dr Getty, Joe Camp, Shannon Peters and more talking about how they have taken horses to a more natural diet and the benefits as well as the changes in their horses, and Dr Getty will talk about feeding the metabolic horse!  Not only will all these help more horses it will help their owner's to help them and maybe make different decisions in regards to nutrition!  If you are in the Florida area be sure to listen, and I will be posting a link for those of you who would like to listen.




Be Looking for an email newsletter this weekend!



Happy New Year of 2016! 

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