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Late June 2016


Life is Moving too Fast...


Half way to Christmas and we are just moving way too fast it feels like to me.   Life has a way of doing just that when we aren't looking and we have days filled with all that we love to do, all that we love and live our passions as well.


Summer is a time of contemplation, when we do need to slow our pace just a bit as we head towards fall.


What are you doing for yourself this summer to sit back and relax?


Natural Horse Magazine published Sunny's Story this last week, below is a link to the pdf of the article if you are not a subscriber.


Earth Song Ranch is helping horses and their people to have healthier lives and we are passionate about that!


This summer I have no plans for writing any articles, am taking care of Cheyanne and helping to resolve her deep digital flexor tendon issue, and getting her back to being sound.  I am also learning how to trim my mini's and keep their feet in good order too, a little every week goes a long way... they seem to grow feet at record rates

..must be the good nutrition and the hay!  


Am riding my little horse Jeep and enjoying all that he is and all that he will be, we have become a team and he loves the semi retired life, last yeat at this time he was being conditioned for Tevis.







There is always something to be grateful for..always!





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Sunny's Story - A Case Study of Curing Cushings Naturally


The link above will take you to Sunny's Story on the Articles section of the Earth Song Ranch Web Page --- we have repeated these results over and over for the last 10 years with the herbs, improved nutrition, and some horse tea!  Come read about it!


Here is a link to Sunny's Cushing Kit


His kit comes with a free 15 minute consult on your horses diet and nutrition to go along with the program!










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