Mini Digestive Health

As those of us who own mini's know, they can have a delicate digestive system.  We have used these products for our little mini herd now for 6 years  - and are now offering them to all mini owners! 

We offer two formulas: 1) Mini-Zyme - a digestive support blend for every day use, and 2) Mini-Zyme Plus - containing our base digestive blend plus colostrum for additional immune support.

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Mini All-in-One

The One-Scoop Daily Supplement Just for Minis Finally an All-In-One for minis (ponies and mini donkies too). Now you can supplement your mini's diet with vitamins, minerals, pre & probiotics and digestive enzymes - all in one scoop! No more multiple containers of "things" to get it right!...

Mini-Zyme for the Digestive & Immune Health of Your Mini

One of the best digestive feed additives around for the past 20 years for horses now in mini size! Earth Song Ranch has been making this blend for over two decades, and it is one of our best sellers for horses.  It is especially made to help with mini digestive upsets and may help prevent some forms...

Mini-Zyme Plus - An Immune Boosting Blend With Colostrum

A Superior Probiotic Digestive Feed Additive with Added Colostrum for Immune Health! Earth Song Ranch has been using colostrum in its blends for horses now for just over 20 years, in this product, the colostrum we use has higher IgH, IgG's and other immuno stimulants and has proven the test of time....


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