Mini Digestive Health

As those of us who own mini's know, they can have a delicate digestive system. We have used these products for our little mini herd now for 6 years - and are now offering them to all mini owners!

We offer two formulas: 1) Mini-Zyme -- a digestive support blend for every day use, and 2) Mini-Zyme Plus -- containing our base digestive blend plus colostrum for additional immune support.

If you're looking for a complete Mini supplement, check out our Mini-All-in-One. It's a vitamin and mineral mix for a grass or pasture diets combined with Min-Zyme - our pre/probiotics and digestive enzyme blend for complete absorption of nutrients.

Mini All-in-One
Making life easier one scoop at a time! A Mini friendly pre/pro-biotic blend with digestive...
Mini-Zyme for the Digestive & Immune Health of Your Mini
New - Pre/Probiotics & Mini Friendly Digestive Enzymes in a Mini Size!
Mini-Zyme Plus - An Immune Boosting Blend With Colostrum
A special blend just for minis of pre/pro-biotics, mini specific digestive enzymes and added...
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