Mini-Zyme Plus - An Immune Boosting Blend With Colostrum

Mini-Zyme Plus - An Immune Boosting Blend With Colostrum
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Price: $19.95
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1 lb Foil Pouch
3.5 lb Foil Pouch (+$37.50)
7 lb Foil Pouch (+$89.00)


A Superior Probiotic Digestive Feed Additive with Added Colostrum for Immune Health!

Earth Song Ranch has been using colostrum in its blends for horses now for just over 20 years, in this product, the colostrum we use has higher IgH, IgG's and other immuno stimulants and has proven the test of time.

Designed to Support the Gastric/Digestive/Immune Health of Your Mini

  • Helps to normalize the pH of the intestinal tract
  • Keeps the gut flora healthy and thriving
  • May also help heal and/or prevent mini ulcers in some cases
  • Designed to be an immune booster with the added colostrum at 600 mg per two scoops boosting your mini's immune system with each scoop.

Mini Zyme Plus is not just another yeast/yeast culture product, we add the colostrum, along with a prebiotic in Bi-MOS, there are live yeast extracts and this product is enhanced added horse friendly probiotics. So at two serving per day a 1lb bag will last about 2 months!

The Mini Zyme Plus comes in 3 sizes ( 1 lb, 3.5 lb, 7 lb) and comes with FREE SHIPPING via USPS.

Mini Zyme Plus has 20 billion live naturally occuring micro-organisms and 25 billion live viable yeast cells per one ounce serving, and 1 gram of digestive enzymes including Amylase, Protease, Hemicellulase, Liipase, & Glucoamylase, which no other digestive feed additive product has.

Mini Zyme Plus also contains small amounts of Fructooligiosaccharides and Mannana-oligiosaccharides (Bio-Mos) which act as prebiotics. The probiotics/bacteria that are contained in Equine Zyme include Bacillus coagulans fermentation product, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum and Enteroccoccus faecium, all horse friendly.

The probiotics are found in a rich yeast and yeast culture of a different texture then the original Mini Zyme Plus and it is fed in a larger serving size as well. But there are now more probiotic strains, and more prebiotics to feed the good bacteria! Mini Zyme Plus helps to optimize the absorbtion of nutritional supplements for over all improved health and well being as well as feed efficiency.

We designed this to be cost effective and affordable for your minis to be served every day!

Regular use of high potency pre & probiotics has been shown to also aide in the prevention of ulcers, parasitic infestations, gas colic, and in some cases spring grass caused laminitis.

Mini Zyme Plus can also help your horse to have healthier hooves as he will be absorbing more of the nutrients in the hay and feed stuffs he eats. Equine-Zyme Plus improves Phosphorus absorption by 25% and improves the bio-availability of minerals while it improves overall health and well being.

If your mini is new to Mini Zyme Plus start them out slowly over a few days, using 1/4 scoop for a day or two then increase to 1/2 scoop then go to the full scoop as they get used to the taste.

Try Mini Zyme Plus and let your mini show you why ours is the best! It does not need to be refrigerated, just keep out of direct sun light and in a cool, dry, dark place! If you order other items along with the Mini Zyme Plus please note that they may be shipped separately. Please allow 5-7 days from date of order to receive, depending on the day of week you order. Canadian orders will have extra shipping that will be due.

The following are the approximate servings per bag or pail of Mini Zyme Plus +:

For Approximate 250 Pound Mini, Foal, Mini Donkey, et al

Product Size

1/4 ounce serving size

      1/2 oz serving size

1# Foil Bag

64 servings

32 servings

3.5# Foil Bag

56 servings

28 servings

7# Foil Bag

112 servings

56 servings

For Approximate 500# horse, pony, large mini, donkey, et al

Product Size

1/2 ounce serving size

1 oz serving size

1# Foil Bag

32 servings

16 servings

3.5# Foil Bag

112 servings

56 servings

7# Foil Bag

224 servings

112 servings

** Note the shelf life of this product is approximately one year, it needs to be kept in a cool, dark and dry place for storage.

*Shipping is included in the price.

Customer Feedback

"Our miniature horse had some digestive issues and I mentioned the Equine-Zyme Plus to our holistic veterinarian and she said she'd look into the product. She contacted us the next day saying that it looked like a very good product and to get him started on it. We had good results correcting the digestive issues and now the vet is recommending it in her practice." - Melissa G.

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