Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is simple:

We are dedicated to providing the best health enhancing formulas and pure ingredients in our products. We are here to help where we can, when we can and how we can using alternative and natural approaches.

Earth Song Ranch is a company that encourages people to take responsibility for their own health, well being, and nutritional support and that of their companion animals and horses.

Our Vision

When I created the Earth Song Ranch Website it was my vision to make this website a place where people could come for information and act as a resource in their quest to do the best things for their animals; to have choices, and to help educate owners on a more natural approach. To share all of my aquired knowledge in homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and life experience with horses which numbers over 5 decades.

My dream, as well as goal, was to help owner's who appreciate who I am, how much healing energy I put in to what I do and the abundance of knowledge I share with my customers, as well as the years and research I put in to the products I hand blend and dispense.

It was always my dream to work with animals and their owner's, far and wide, as well as locally and for over two decades, since 1998, I have been able to do that, from at first my writings then from my web site. I have been able to share my life long education, contacts, knowledge and wisdom with others, so that they too could empower themselves and know they have choices for prevention of, as well as choices in naturally treating, health dis-orders or illness in their animals!

In a world market filled with cheap, ineffective substances and automated customer assistance, I strive to help customer's help their horses, or their cats and dogs, maintain or regain their health with health enhancing products.

We want to assist people in becoming educated consumers, ask questions, read labels, question your vet, research your hay and feed supplements, do your home work, do your research, be a participant in your horses health and well being, not just during the times he may be health challenged. We caution people in getting too wrapped up in some of the on-line "support" groups, and also question what they have to say or share, there is no "one" magic bullet that works for every horse as some of these groups would lead you to believe. We want to attract as well as help owners who believe in and expect excellent health for their horses as well as themselves.

Your horse's life may depend on you someday, as his care taker, and you want to be able to give him every opportunity at life, and a good one! So question question question, research research research, and if something doesn't feel right to you, it probably isn't, listen to your intuition and your inner voice!