We blend herbs as Mother Nature intended to help horses be parasite free, we also offer DE and a homeopathic anti parasitic

Equine Herbal Wormer

Herbal Wormer for Horses - All Natural Alternative to Chemical Wormers Our Equine Herbal Wormer is an all-natural feed additive to be mixed in bucket feed or can be mixed with a small amount of apple sauce and syringed in the mouth. It's safe to use for horses who are prone to laminitis and founder, as...


A liquid homeopathic, all natural anti parasitic for horses, cats and dogs, can also be safely used for chickens and goats as well. Paratox is a homeopathic anti-parasitic that you can either put in your horse, dog or cats water daily or syringe in to their mouth. It is effective and safe, no nasty...

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