Nutra Flax - The Best Food Grade Full Fat Flax You Can Buy

Nutra Flax - The Best Food Grade Full Fat Flax You Can Buy
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Food Grade Flaxseed that's Enhanced for Equine Use!

Loaded with Omega-3 "For palatability and aroma as close as you can get to freshly ground flaxseed, as well as the lignans, natural antioxidants, and fatty acids..." Horse Journal June, 2000

Flaxseed is an excellent feedstuff for equine diets--rich in protein, energy, dietary fiber and the desirable Omega-3 fatty acids. Many people would like to find an easy way to work some flaxseed into their horse's diet. However, the natural calcium to phosphorus ratio in flaxseed is inverted, and without proper calcium supplementation, the balance of calcium to phosphorus in the total/complete diet may be thrown out of balance. HorseTech has made it easy to feed flaxseed by offering you an enhanced milled flaxseed product--Nutra-Flax!

Nutra-Flax is food grade full-fat milled flaxseed that has been enhanced with high quality calcium carbonate in order to bring the calcium to phosphorus ratio into a range that is more suitable for use in equine diets.

Feed Nutra-Flax as part of a complete, balanced diet. Nutra-Flax is rich in protein, fat and fiber which needs to be taken into consideration when adding it to your horse's diet. Most of our customers are feeding approximately two (2) to four (4) ounces of flax per day. Nutra-Flax should not comprise more than 10% of the total diet.

  • 10.75 grams natural flax oil
  • 6.0 grams natural Omega-3
  • 1.6 grams natural Omega-6

Nutra-Flax is ready to feed. There's no messy grinding or milling. Just scoop and feed this beautiful food-grade MILLED product. READY TO FEED!

Nutra-Flax is made using bakery-grade milled flaxseed; however we do not suggest that it be used for your own/human consumption.

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