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Nutritional Consultations For Your Horse

Nutritional Consultations for Your Horse

Jessica Lynn is a published author and the owner of Earth Song Ranch.

She is a certified equine nutritionist, life-long horse owner and herbalist, and a licensed natural feed additive manufacturer specializing in super strength horse friendly probiotics and digestive enzymes. Jessica has been involved in alternative health care, homeopathy and nutrition for almost 50 years.

She offers nutritional counseling and will review your feeding program, suggest possible changes to benefit your horse, discuss your horse's health issues or concerns, and suggest natural alternatives that may be beneficial. Jessica has over 15 years experience in balancing diets for Metabolic/Cushings & IR horses, minis, ponies, and more. Fees are reasonable.  "FREE" Consultations included with the purchase of a Sunny's Cushings Support Kit are via email only due to time limitations and constraints.

How to Set Up Your Nutritional Consultation

1. Select and purchase the desired consultation length: 1 hour or 1/2 hour phone. First-time customers who book an hour consultation receive $25 off your first order of $100 or more.

2. Once your purchase is complete, please send an email to that includes:

  • List of everything your horse eats, including treats, concentrated bag feed/grain, hay et al.
  • Photos of each side of your horse and a front photo showing your horse's hooves.

3. Once Jessica recieves and reviews your information, she will email you back to set up a date and time for your consultation. Consults are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She may also send additional questions based on the initial information you provided.

Your phone consult time is what you pay for! Simple!


1/2 Hour
1 Hour

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